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  1. That is sweet. If only I had a spare RG motor laying about.
  2. The Kat antidive units seem to be worth quite a bit in Australia. But then stock Kats sell for crazy money over there.
  3. ACC Billet in South Africa makes really nice looking ones among other cool stuff.
  4. I recently bought a 83 750e motor sight unseen. I was told it was an 1100, but it was cheap. Are there any parts from this that can be used on a GSX1100 or 1150EF motor?. I know the valve covers are the same. There is a lot of info that I can find regarding oil cooled parts comparability, but not air cooled.
  5. Vapor blasting is not a good start for paint as it seals the surface and leaves it very smooth. Rather get it soda blasted.
  6. Cruzinimage is a Japanese company quite well known for cheap priced parts. They have a webpage as well as Eblag Lot of guys on other sites im on run their two stroke pistons with no issues.
  7. put your bike and the donor bike info in here for bearing sizes. Stem length info not incl here. all balls
  8. I'm setting up my Koso gauge on my now running Katana 1100 and need some input on what to set the temperature warning lights to. I have an oil temp sensor and a head temp sensor hooked up. For the oil I was going to set the warning at 270f (130deg C). What does the cylinder head get to? Is 400f (2-- deg C) too much? Stock crank with 1170 kit installed. What should I keep the max revs to? under 10k?
  9. They may be overkill, but it is very convenient to order the correct size tapered bearings from all balls fork swap site when adding a new front end to your bike though.
  10. Just over a year and she is finally back together. Still a few things to do though.. Really happy with the way it turned out. Spraying mat clear coat is a whole different animal.
  11. I've found that a light coat of black RTV helps them release better than grease. Scraping off old gasket has to be one of my very least favourite jobs.
  12. What is the oil level currently in the motor?
  13. this might help old post mentions longer shock will hit the swingarm
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