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  1. How are you planning on stopping the bush turning in the swingarm and changing the offset?
  2. Then vapor blast is your best option to keep a good finish
  3. Vapor blasting does not leave a good surface for painting. Soda blasting would be better. And the soda dissolves in water for cleanup.
  4. Previous owner decided to go 4mm over on a 1150 motor and the sleeve and rings on No 2 relocated to the sump.
  5. What does the petcock look like? If it is not stock it may not need a vacuum line at all.
  6. Looks like a decent pressure gauge setup https://www.Eblag.com/itm/293416783304?hash=item445100cdc8:g:ljAAAOSwkthZnGgw&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA0Jt7hvQv5%2Bzq8eSO6cIomzvlNBr%2BFSm8WzegOoEOShT92b7QTdilouFLXiRtS8nvf225%2Fey6VbV86OIP1RB7B%2FNaGYcNjliCdATfjsmAiif2g81eIkZYs2thPRipCtM4w3Yv2%2BsKmsRer2B18ER521qG3UNxgK3wiGFlv69UdTIdNje8i4GUz39p94rcEW8aYYFiJ8lg0jgyuv%2Blaaw5u1m%2FILUYt19972cs%2Bk6xKKPEz5zUSbslc0X6N0yIICKRyBojj4Z7b4U4RCnxpq90KRU%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR9SL5sfJYg
  7. rodneya

    Kat 750

  8. Can that damage to the journals be repaired?
  9. GSXR switches are cheap an a hell of a lot newer than what you have. I just wire them in with new connector blocks
  10. I would not trust the charging system on a 40 plus year old bike with a lithium battery.
  11. Do the standard motion pro cables still work with the side pull?
  12. Round tubes are just under 29mm and then square tube is 25mm.
  13. I would not run RS carbs without a push pull. Mine have the return spring disconnected completely. Otherwise the pull is way too tiring.
  14. Ended up getting a brand new set of RS36's as a partial trade for a GSXR front end and bits I was selling. Installed, setup and synced and she is running well, idling smooth and no more spitting back through the carbs.
  15. That is the outside of the switch with the electrical wire running from one side to the other. The spring loaded pin cant be running over those bumps all the time This is a pic of a used one off Eblag and you can clearly see the ring on the switch where the spring loaded contact has been running against the switch. Flip it around and you will be good
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