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  1. Mark Walker making sweet looking frames for oilcooled GSXR.
  2. In the UK maybe, but in Canada there are not that many that I have seen for sale. Water cooled motors are a different story.
  3. Well EFE it is then. thanks.
  4. Got an opportunity to buy a new motor and have two options. EFE motor with 1200 kit and cams ( cant remember what the guy mentioned at the moment) or a 1127 oil cooled motor from a late 80's say what now!? and looking for some opinions. Motor may go into my Katana, or a future project. And yes I would like both, but I dont think I can swing that at the moment.
  5. Pics are pretty small, so hard to see, but is that mat finish?
  6. was that frame originally brazed together?
  7. 1127 motor from a 1991 Katana 1100. Is this motor the same as the older gsxr 1127 motors? I cant seem to find any useful info anywhere.
  8. Motogpwerks sells these billet brackets to fit a small Brembo under slung to a SRAD without a torque arm. Shouldn't be to hard to get one made to fit.
  9. If there is a lot of rust or old fuel residue it will speed the process up if you remove some of it first. I put a handful of drywall screws in the tank and sloshed it around with some water. They did a great job scraping off the big stuff and are easy to get out with a little magnet on a telescoping rod or something.
  10. It was sawzolled just behind the motor. Meant to look like a badly crashed bike. They even cut the back of the tank. I cleaned up to motor and sold it. Had a bunch of gouges out of the back of the cases and a cut into the clutch cover.
  11. I bought a movie prop SRAD to use as parts. It was cut in half and had been painted really badly with rattle cans. I managed to get just the spraypaint off stuff with thinners or acetone on a rag. the factory paint is a lot harder to remove.
  12. If you use something like concrete remover that is quiet aggressive you will need to line the tank to stop flash rusting. I used electrolysis for my tank and the last few rounds I used TSP solution. This leaves a phosphate coating that does not flash rust.
  13. Ive always had good results with deck screws. Hammer the tip in a bit first
  14. That looks to be exactly where it goes. Thank you very much Arttu. I asked this on a few different places and got absolutely zero answers back. Gotta love the previous owner of this bike. I guess the huge amount of blue silicone gasket maker that was smeared all over the motor and inlets and the speaker wire in the harness should have been a giveaway to his ability to do a decent job of anything.
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