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  1. Why do you need to machine the barrels if using a copper gasket?
  2. I use 530s. I think they look better!
  3. Award for Best Title For a Forum Post, goes to...
  4. I got the bolts the right way round but I re-used the washers. Is it likely the oil is getting underneath them?
  5. No I did not. I didn't find any reference to these. I've just had a look at the fiche and still can't see where they go. Can you tell me where they go? Thnaks, Jonny
  6. Hi all, I have noticted that my EFE engine is weeping oil from under the cyclinder head on one side. I swapped cylinder heads about 300 miles ago and it was fine for the first 150 miles or so. I figured that the head bolts would need retightening but they are torqued up to maximum (40 nm). I used a new Cometic gasket and the spray on copper sealant on both sides, and thought I'd made a good job of it. The head I used came from a runnnig bike I broke a few years ago. That was oil tight as I remember. I am planning to take the head off and take a look. Any thoughts on what I could have done wrong? Or anything I should look for when I open her up? Thanks, Jonny
  7. Jonny

    Bolt kits

    I use Kay’s quite a lot, they’re on eBlag. Might as well go A2 stainless rather than zinc IMHO.
  8. Here’s mine. Probably class it as a streetfighter. Not finished yet - needs painting. IMHO the GS doesn’t have the right lines for a cafe racer.
  9. The bike is now fixed and running! Thanks for the help! I'm not entirely sure what the problem was I think it may have been a combination of things. Certianly, blocking the vacuum off and running on primary helped but only on one set of carbs, on the others it was no better, so I suspect the original carbs I tried have a separate issue. Anyway, now balance and running!
  10. K&N single pods on one set and K&N twin ovals on the other. I’ll look into that though! Thanks.
  11. I’ll give that a go. Cheers!
  12. Yes - that is correct. The vacuum hose is connected to the top of carb two on both sets of carbs. I have also tried with that outlet blocked off. I might have to try that again though... Thanks.
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