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  1. Good to know. It's broken my Loctite red twice, and I don't want ot over-torque it. I was going to try 2 half-nuts on the with the outer one working as a lock nut.
  2. I have a problem where the M16 bolt on the starter clutch is constantly breaking loose. Sounds like it could be similar - although in my case, when this happens, the engine doesn't turn.
  3. Hi guys, Is there any difference between the 38s fitted to 750 l/m models and those fitted to the later 750 ws models? I've seen a few sets on eBlag and wondered if they be suitable for a restoration project. Thanks, Jon
  4. Okay - the 750s are much easier, which is why I asked.
  5. I'm glad you said that, because I used it on some EFE engine parts after everyone said it was great, and it stated flaking off quite soon after. Thought it was just me...
  6. You only need about 5 mill for chain movement and tyre expansion at speed.
  7. That’s pretty much what I did. Think I used a gen 1 ‘Busa sprocket carrier and shaved about 6 mill off it. But the OP said machining wasn’t a problem for him.
  8. You could try a 5.5 inch SRAD600 rear wheel. The hubs are narrower than the 6 inch rims, so if you're not planning to run a 190/200 rear tyre, this could be less agro. I'm running one on '78 GS750!
  9. Sounds like you have been very thorough. I guess the engine and wheel must be lined up same as they would have been in the 1100 frame. I had a bugger of a job with getting my rear wheel centred and the sprockets to line up but then the EFE was always designed to run a wheel with a narrower hub .
  10. Two questions: Are you going to need an offset front sprocket? If so you don't want to be swaping them about because they cost about 4 times as much as a normal one, so decide that first and mess about with the rears as you need. Second, are you running an extended swing arm? Because if you are, this could cause the chain to fowl the swing arm. I have an EFE engine in a GS750 frame and had to go up to a 17t on the front to clear the swing arm at the pivot. The longer the swing arm, the more likely it is to eat through your JMC arm. Too big a rear sprocket might cause a problem with the ch
  11. Are you using an off-set sprockets there?
  12. Pretty sure someone on here fuel injected an EFE motor at sometime!
  13. Jonny


    I bought a bunch of different thickness gasket paper from eBlag for a couple of quid. I already have a scalpal and a hole punch.
  14. Never had an issue with mine. Drops in nice with no clunking or vibes. I have OEM plates, Orient Express springs and a billet backplate.
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