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  1. Jonny

    Opinions please

    The photo attached shows the standard settings for 36mm carbs on a K and L model (89 and 90).
  2. Ah okay. I knew there was a D-stamp in there somewhere.
  3. I’ve never had a set rechromed but have bought a few sets from ABE in Greenwich over the years. They used to be £180 p/pair and I never had to buy a second pair for the same bike again.
  4. I seem to remember reading on another thread that the restricted cams were stamped with a ‘D’ for Deutschland.
  5. I’d try taping the pick up to the top of the seat, or somewhere where it is not enclosed, and take it up the road. You’ll know then if it’s a location issue with the pick up or not.
  6. I have a GPS speedo too. The pickup probably needs moving rather any setting up. Mine is under the tail unit but if it is not in just the right place you get that fluctuation. Great looking bike BTW!
  7. At least that is enough time for a new build!
  8. Don’t suppose it really matters. IMHO, 2 is probably the closest so probably best.
  9. I have an 1100L and the vacuum take off comes from carb 2. I thought they were all done like that?
  10. The switches are fairly simple to rebuild. Often just dismantling and cleaning the connections will have it working like new. You can get many of the internal parts from Suzuki still.
  11. Really? That’s interesting because I have an 1100ef motor in a ‘78 750 frame and the engine has to come out to take the heads off. It’s about an inch too short on clearance.
  12. You could always buy some GS spokies and have wider rims laced on! That would be very cool!
  13. OEM is the best. Most aftermarket kits aren’t up to the job on these bikes. I’ve heard good things about APE Trac King clutches though…
  14. NGKs are great leads to use. I swear by them but Taylor leads are the most popular and about half the price.
  15. Cable choke and pull choke are created using the same throttle bodies. On the cable choke models the holes on the carbs for the pull choke mechanism aren’t drilled out, but you can see them on the bodies. So you can convert either way.
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