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  1. I assume you are going to monoshock it then? Otherwise I was going to suggest the ZRX1100, which is a thing of beauty!
  2. Why not just have some lugs welded on the frame higher up for separate ones? You can always take them off when not required. That's what I did anyway.
  3. You can always use a gsx box section alloy arm. They used to be the upgrade back in the day and look pretty cool too. Plus you can put wider rims on those spoke hubs! You can get a 5 inch rim on a z900 rim for example. Not sure about the Suzi ones.
  4. I did mine a couple of inches. Not was drastic as some.
  5. Why do you think they are beyond saving? Unless they are bent or have body damage, pretty much everything else is rebuildable and available.
  6. Yes - please do but I think I might just go make-your-own route. Trouble is I'm not great at soldering...
  7. Okay - I can now confirm that the push cable from an 1100WN-WS is actually an inch shorter than the EFE one!
  8. Hope you bought post 2007 frame? ULEZ compliant!
  9. I'm going to try a GSXR1100W return cable then and see if that works - only a tenner on Eblag.
  10. I didn’t think of that. However I’m using a GS switch and tube, not the EF one and the switch casing is different.
  11. It’s hard to measure with the 90 degree bend in it but I reckon 38 1/2 inches. So need one that it 39 1/2 or 40. That is the length of the cable not the sheath. The length of the sheath is 32 1/2 inches
  12. Only about an inch - the revs climb when I turn the bars left, so not much longer at all. I did have it routed so it worked but I can't make that happen now.
  13. Before I send Venhill Cables 60 quid, does anyone know an off-the-shelf throttle cable that fits the EFE but is about an inch longer? GSXR cables are different at the throttle end and GS cables are different at the carb end. Thanks, Jonny
  14. Yup! I went and bought a cheap Gen 1 Busa 2 years ago. Sits next to all the bikes I’ve poured £££ into but for cheap rideable power, it’s untouchable.
  15. You can have a few mill shaved off the sprocket face to get it to work. You are probably already using an off-set front sprocket, right?
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