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  1. Are the exhausts compatible? Been offered a GS650GT exhaust will it fit the GSX750ef, what about the GSX750E? Thanks
  2. There's is no straight swap, to swap the Swingarm you have to modify the frame/linkage
  3. That's a great help thanks!
  4. I'm attempting to find what Renthal sprockets fit my GSX750EF standard rear wheel, seems 750 Oil Cooled sprockets will fit any idea if the RF900 are the same fitment as 750 Oil Cooled?
  5. Streetfighter project?
  6. Going cheap n cheerfull with Gsx650 front end and rear wheel. Upgrading to noise exhaust too
  7. Thanks alot for the info! I have done lots more reading up and to use original forks would need to do a simular conversion to to the EFE front end upgrade. Decided I will use different front end
  8. I have found one bike that uses standard forks but it has custom discs! Anyone know of a suzuki that uses 275mm front discs with 5 bolt holes?
  9. I'm in need of new tyres, chain and sprockets for the GSX750EF, due to poor tyre choices available for the standard wheels, I couldn't think of a better time to change to 3 spokes.Still being Furloughed I don't want to spend too much money! I also have a complete set of GSX650F (I think) wheels sat I know the rear will fit as it's 4.50 will I need the GS500 sprocket carrier? Anyone fitted a 3 spoke into the standard forks? Or will it make it simpler to source Gsx650 forks, yokes and calipers?
  10. Anyone know who could make some alloy shock mounts like these?
  11. Nice is there a build thread? Is that a TL1000 swingarm?
  12. You could use 1100L 4-2 downpipes and have some link pipes made up to suit
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