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  1. dont some of these bikes have a clutch switch also?
  2. johnr

    Oil pump

    pump gears in a gsx1100 or gs1000 engine is a long known upgrade to the engines lubrication system.
  3. johnr


    looks like someone has already tried to weld that? try posting where you are and asking if anybody here is close enough and can weld it.
  4. there are 5 or 6 kats in bits in there, plus spares. yes, its a reasonably busy shed. i was wondering if the piston rings i have now got no use for might be handy for someone who has broken one?
  5. ive 3 yoshi 1170 pistons with rings sat in a motor in my shed, the fourth is iirc now an ashtray having made a swift exit stage forwards taking the barrels and both crankcase halves with it...... oh how we laughed that evening.....
  6. johnr

    Frame brace

    i think that they were fitted on the gsxf because suzuki knew that the bikes were so fugly that eventually their riders would throw them on the ground in frustration and walk away. the braces were to protect the engine because they knew that eventually those engines would be scavenged for fitting to real katanas and other suzuki royalty.......
  7. johnr

    Frame brace

    doesnt that big metal engine thingy bolted between the two mountings not confer some additional stiffness to the frame?
  8. although to be fair, they dont have poor oil pressure, they have low oil pressure, but they only have that because thats all they need, i think time has proven that the low oil pressure isnt really a reliability issue. poor stator output on gsx's is a bit of an urban myth, the problems with reliability of the charging system were due to the design of the charging circuit using a phase that was switched by the headlight. bikes run with the lights always on had fewer charging problems because all three phases were working the same, and bikes with the reg rec wired directly to all three alt pha
  9. yeah, but you could buy 2 oilcooled engine for the cost of an efe engine and thats if you can find one.
  10. it can cost a lot of cash to tune a stock aircooled 1100 motor to the same output as a stock gsxr or bandit motor output, and with the oilcooled motor, youve less weight as well as the option to tune that for even more. if you wigh up the cost of crank work, head and cams, pistons and bores, cluutch upgrades and gearbox refurb on an aircooled lump, you could probably buy 3 bandit motors!
  11. johnr

    Air vs Oil

    though reconfiguring the three alternator phases directly to the reg rec rather that one going through the headlight switch also cures a lot of the gs/gsx ranges charging issues. gs/gsx reg recs arent actually that bad, they fail because the wiring layout of the bikes causes them to fail.
  12. few guys in the katana club have xn85's, theres a small section on the club site for them, but theyre getting scarce now.
  13. youve tried swapping the plugs round? i know it sounds daft, but when it was apart, you didnt stuff a rag down the inlet to keep dirt ouut then forget to remove it?
  14. could be complicated if you have slide carbs on the gs, cos the gs/gsx ones for cv carb bikes only have one throttle cable mount, if you have slide carbs on your engine the switchgear on the right bar will have a push/pull throttle cable setup. have you tried gs550 switches or gs 650 kat, they seem pretty generic across that era..
  15. could very well be, makes more sense than the swingarm, but ive slept since then.
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