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  1. its not mine, credit for this is due to another member on here who posted this to the oss site, probably 2 completely seperate forums ago, but i saved it like many did cos its useful! anyhow, whoever it was originally will probably pop up here soon and we can all thank him personally....
  2. also, these were for gsxr engine into gs/gsx/efe frame iirc
  3. this one? saved from the old site
  4. rattle gun willdo it though. i just did the centre nut on a gsxr diaphragm clutch, popped it in gear, back brake on, and the gun got it off in a few seconds. just dont forget the tab washer on the gsx just in case.
  5. or have a look how the german guys do it, cos of the tuv rules thay cant alter the frame so there are some ingenious monoshock conversions for twin shock suzukis that involve no welding to the frame and so are completely bolt on so reversible if you decide to switch back.
  6. i think that lucky7 sell tophat adaptors to allow you to fit the bandit arm into a gsx/gs/kat frame and also the lugs to weld on to the arm for the twin shocks. you can contact them from the www or through this forum and dont forget to mention your oss discount!
  7. is there any similarity between the oilcooled gsxr range and the gsx1400 motor?
  8. johnr

    Gear switch

    scott did just this mod on his gsxr engined race bike, iirc he used an efe gear sender unit. ive been looking for one for my gsxr kat (the new clocks i got have a setting for gears so i thought i may as well use it) and i bought a new one from suzuki germany. i'll let you know when (if) it arrives.
  9. the spoked wheel katanas just used gs1000 spoked wheels, the fronts are easy to find as a lot of suzukis used twin disk spoked fronts, but the spoked disk brake rear wheels are hard to source. as only the 1000 and a very few gt750s had them, all the rest had drum rears.
  10. its normal, they all have the screw in the end.
  11. also worth checking whist youre at it that as well as tdc being at tdc, the ignition is times up right too. its only the engraved marks on the timing that set it up, so it could be that even with the timing marks in line, the actual ignition might not be in line. if youre checking tdc with a dti, then check that the ignition is wher it should be, and also that the cams are in time too, have you got slotted sprockets?
  12. have you tried using a dti to check that the crank is in phase and tdc occurs in the right place for every pot?
  13. i remember back in the day when the ef came out. one of the monthly magazine journos was running a katana in some race series, i recall his comment that he had spent a lot of money tuning his katana and then discovered that the standard efe produced more power and torque out of the box by an embarrassing margin. you can tune the es motor easily, theres loads of stuff out there. but what you need to bear in mind is that you can easily spend a couple of grand in order to increase the power of the es to the same power as the standard ef. theres a reason that everyone wants an ef engine. its got all the strength you need to tune it even more, or else run it on forever with no reliability worrys.
  14. es is the 1075cc eengine same as the katana and et, ef is the upgraded version with 1135cc more power, more torque, more everything. at the moment everyone is after efe's, nothing wrong with the es, but the efe is more of everything. if it were my money, id buy the ef.
  15. ok, looking back at the 'funny knock sounds like the crank' things that ive seen, have you checked the three allen bolts on the starter clutch? the flywheel itself? and as it only shows under load, and as an outsider that doesnt sound like its relevant but ive seen it, how about the rear sprocket carrier wheel bearing? under load it will, grumble like a fucked main bearing but at a standstill, the back wheel will happily spin noiselessly. i know a guy who swapped a bandit engine thinking the gearbox had gone because of similar symptoms, and it turned out to be the wheel bearing in the sprocket carrier. worth a look.
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