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  1. if tape doesnt work, cut a shim from a beer can and wrap it round the bar under the switches.
  2. top end off the 750 will also drop onto the 600 bottom end if you need to keep the engine number you have....
  3. find someone whos put an 1100 motor in their 750, buy their 750 motor and put that in your 600....
  4. these are on eblag listed as jr2. eblag number 254105191580
  5. let me read that again......... . . . . . no....... let me try again......... . . nope, so youre saying........ . . . . erm, so let me......... . . . i mean...... . . . . . what?
  6. if youre using the take off points on the front of the cases, you need to restrict the oil flow under the oil filter cover, you can either use a plug that blocks off the oilway and forces the oil round the cooler (though youll need to put a small hole up the middle, aprox 2mm as a bypass in case of the filter being clogged) or else use an efe filter cover that has the restrictor built into it.
  7. thats why i wondered about suzukis lazyness. as theyve got form in simply using stuff from the parts bin on different models, surely they didnt use this servo on only one year of a pretty niche model for a single year. im guessing that they fitted it to the kat fe because they had it for something else. its just a case of finding what that something else actually was!
  8. the very last model of kat (iirc the millenium edition although the fe may have had them too) had an electric servo assisted clutch under the tank. ive actually seen this in operation. clutch is just as heavy as the stock clutch with the ignition off, but turn the ignition on and the clutch feels like the cable has snapped, its super super light. so there is a solution. its just a question of whether they used the electric servo on anything else.
  9. then get a new cable made. theres plenty of firms that can make you up a cable to your own requirements.
  10. if it works, but you dont like the look, why not fit it to the other end of the cable where it mounts on top of the motor?
  11. Then you're winning at life, only the later 750s came with what was seen at the time as the boring dull old-fashioned spoked wheel. Everybody wanted the much more fashionable snowflake cast ally wheels. Fashion's change eh!
  12. whether it helps or not i dont know, but the 750 pop up kat has a near identical swingarm and suspension linkage setup, so perhaps the shocker is similar?
  13. gs1000 spoked wheel. theyre uber rare and very sought after. when suzuki made the kat szx for use in some race series in the southern hemisphere, they raided the spare parts bin for stuff and used spoked rins from the early gs1000, theyre rare cos most spoked suzuki rears of the era had a drum brake and most disk braked rears were on cast ally rims, so this is the rare spoked rim with a disk brake. when people buy sets of spoked wheels from a gs to build bikes, 90+% of the value of when they pay is in the rear wheel hub. theyre just super rare, tons of spoked front hubs are out there, but this particular combination of spoked rim and disk hub is probably the most desirable of all the vintage suzuki wheels. ive seen just the hub, no rim or bearings, but just the hub, fetch over 250 quid. thats a great find. (a very few gt750 kettles had this hub and an even smaller number of re5's, but that does nothing to make them less sought after). the fact that someone in the past has fitted it with an ally rim just saves you having to do it!!
  14. cos the switches require so little to connect up, they can go inside the bars making for a cleaner look, these are the two pairs of wires plus an additional twin core for the brake light switch, but all unternal now so nothing to show.
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