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  1. johnr

    BST 38's

    also the carb spacer bracket appears to have been cut in half (bottom of the pic) and had a bit added to bridge the gap. i wonder if someone has tried to make these fit an engine with different port spacings and then just connected the choke to two carbs. bodgery of the highest order! im guessing that theres something similar on the other side where the other bracket to hold them all together lives.
  2. johnr

    Cams vs Big Bore

    though the reality is that per pound speent, an improvement in times on the track is more likely to be achieved by a good set of tyres and a couple of track days than a load of engine work. not that anyone wants to hear that.
  3. johnr

    Where to get a 1166 cylinder sleeve..

    ive three barrela left from an 1166 or 1170 i cant remember, yoshimura engine that i threw a rod on years ago. it took out the number 2 bore, barrels, piston, rod, crank etc etc, but the other bores are all ok. if i can get my hands on it and drop a liner out i will let you have it. let me know precisely the bore you have now to make sure its the correct size.
  4. johnr

    Cams vs Big Bore

    havent you got a spare kidney you can sell?
  5. johnr

    whats a bigger tank for gs550

    id expect a gs550 to be returning in the region of 50mpg. what are your plugs like.
  6. johnr

    Removal of Gs750 barrels?

    i dont think they actually stick in the casting. i think the corrosion of the stud where it passes up through the barrels is what locks it in place. its just the luck of the draw, ive had them where ive had to cut them off and ive also had them wind straight out.
  7. johnr

    Removal of Gs750 barrels?

    front crankcase studs in the centre tend to just seize in place to the barrels. ive actually cut the studs with a dremmel before now and pulled the barrels off before setting too with an extractor, but have you thought about using a stud extractor to remove the studs whilst the barrels are still on and then getting new studs. might be easier than risking the delicate ally fins.
  8. johnr

    Gs 750/850/1000 head swaps

    i wonder if th slide carb head you have is off a gs1000g which is based o the 850g as theyre both shaftys. i recall years ago helping a mate with a 1000g swap a leaky base gasket and the one we were sent didnt fit, we were later told it was from a chain drive 1000. i guess the man to ask is @wraith as he has much more experience building shafty gs bikes and he knows what will swap and what wont.
  9. johnr

    Gia 1216

    im sure there is some comedic value to be had from the only component on the bike that isnt bright and shiney is the bloody headlight.....
  10. johnr

    Gia 1216

    its like crocodlie fucking dundee... 'call that a build.... naah mate, THIS is a build.....' ;-)
  11. johnr

    Reg/rec wiring question...

    I've had melted alts and dead reg rec's but never a melted switch! Something else to look forwards to then!
  12. johnr

    Reg/rec wiring question...

    its a weird electical cul de sac that suzuki came up with in the 70's and 80's not realising i think how it would work in th long term. the wiring goes to the light switch, but doesnt power the lights. the alternator charges the battery using two of its three phases sent through the reg rec, and th third phase is also connected to the reg rec but via this loop of cable through the light switch. thee idea supposedly being that whn you put the light on and needed more power, the third phase of the alternator would then come in to play giving the battery all three phases worth of output. im assuming that the katana came about after the electrical design guy was sliced up ceremonially with one to punish him for this fuck up....
  13. one of them arms is from a mk1 impulse, horrible little steel flimsy monoshock arm, make sure you buy the mk2 one, and thats a good price. when i got mine, i had to buy the whole bike and break it to get an arm! there are 2 listed in japan for silly money
  14. get em bought quick, cheaper than a bandit arm and the lugs for shock mounts and considerably prettier, when fols ralise how nice theey are, theeyr all gonna want one! fronts quite narrow (narrower than a 250 kat arm) but that makes it easier to fit because its just spacers rather than altering the frame.