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  1. also worth checking whist youre at it that as well as tdc being at tdc, the ignition is times up right too. its only the engraved marks on the timing that set it up, so it could be that even with the timing marks in line, the actual ignition might not be in line. if youre checking tdc with a dti, then check that the ignition is wher it should be, and also that the cams are in time too, have you got slotted sprockets?
  2. have you tried using a dti to check that the crank is in phase and tdc occurs in the right place for every pot?
  3. i remember back in the day when the ef came out. one of the monthly magazine journos was running a katana in some race series, i recall his comment that he had spent a lot of money tuning his katana and then discovered that the standard efe produced more power and torque out of the box by an embarrassing margin. you can tune the es motor easily, theres loads of stuff out there. but what you need to bear in mind is that you can easily spend a couple of grand in order to increase the power of the es to the same power as the standard ef. theres a reason that everyone wants an ef engine. its got all the strength you need to tune it even more, or else run it on forever with no reliability worrys.
  4. es is the 1075cc eengine same as the katana and et, ef is the upgraded version with 1135cc more power, more torque, more everything. at the moment everyone is after efe's, nothing wrong with the es, but the efe is more of everything. if it were my money, id buy the ef.
  5. ok, looking back at the 'funny knock sounds like the crank' things that ive seen, have you checked the three allen bolts on the starter clutch? the flywheel itself? and as it only shows under load, and as an outsider that doesnt sound like its relevant but ive seen it, how about the rear sprocket carrier wheel bearing? under load it will, grumble like a fucked main bearing but at a standstill, the back wheel will happily spin noiselessly. i know a guy who swapped a bandit engine thinking the gearbox had gone because of similar symptoms, and it turned out to be the wheel bearing in the sprocket carrier. worth a look.
  6. I'm assuming you've removed all the small bolts and all the head nuts.
  7. correct me if im wrong, but has that basket got a straight cut primary drive fitted? hard to tell from the one pic of the gears on the backplate, but it looks like one.
  8. aye, good call pedda, i forgot to mention that.
  9. engine aside, everything is the same, the wiring is slightly different regarding the oil pressure light but only because the switch on the 750 is in a different place so neds a longer wire. also 750sz kats have an 18 inch back wheel as opposed to thee 17 inch on the 1100 but frame running gear,, wiring etc ar all inteerchanhgable between the 750 and 1100. the 750 frame has a lower front engine mount in a slightly different place, but there are plans on here for the modified engine mount plate if you want to fit an 1100 motor into a 750.
  10. johnr

    skimming carrier

    cant you just make a spacer to move the front sprocket out by the same amount?
  11. ez or later gs1000 top yokes. et ones wont fit unless you use the bottom yoke too cos the et has a leading axle on the forks so the offset is different. drilling the kat top yoke is tricky because the top of it isnt flat, so youre going to struggle to make it look right.
  12. theyre all runners and he rides them, this is like having a fridge full of all your favorite brands of beer and having the choice when you open the door what to drink today.
  13. never, kats are like bottles of beer, you can never have enough....
  14. id like to be a pound behind him in the bank though!
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