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  1. johnr

    think you have a katana obsession?

    theyre all runners and he rides them, this is like having a fridge full of all your favorite brands of beer and having the choice when you open the door what to drink today.
  2. johnr

    think you have a katana obsession?

    never, kats are like bottles of beer, you can never have enough....
  3. johnr

    think you have a katana obsession?

    id like to be a pound behind him in the bank though!
  4. interesting article about katana obsession. you or me might buy the bikes and wear the tee shirts, but this guy built a museum to house his collection, one of every katana model in every colour, including the smaller 550 and 650, as well as a brand new one still in its box, AND the target design actual prototype model! all mint. now THATS a katana obsession!! https://www.motorcycleclassics.com/classic-japanese-motorcycles/classic-suzuki-motorcycles/katana-crazy-zm0z19jfzhur?newsletter=1&spot=cta&utm_source=wcemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MCC eNews 01.24.2019&utm_term=MCC_eNewsAll Subscribers&_wcsid=6D345650A3323B233C88832E0538226576263708927CE575
  5. johnr

    Lower Comprression GSXR Pistons

    spacer under the block will cost you less than a set of pistons rings and a rebore.
  6. excellent stuff. you may need to thrash this engine more, purely in the interests of keeping it running well..........
  7. johnr

    Battery upgrade?

    +1 on motobatt, they used to be the one to go for, but quality is terrible now. wouldnt touch one with a bargepole now.
  8. johnr

    Engine turns over very slowly

    if the battery and starter are new, then try the solenoid. try linking the two poles of the solenoid with an old spanner. if the contacts in the solenoid are burnt, then the current from the battery will not get through to the starter.
  9. johnr

    Rear caliper suggestions

    massive wheel locking power on thee back could prove moree of a problem than a help. as soon as thee front brakes unload the rear suspension, you need very very little to lock the wheel, so massive braking power will just cause it to lock up every time.
  10. johnr

    Rear caliper suggestions

    if youre using a bandit wheel and disk, use a bandit caliper and hanger so you know it fits, you might need to make the spindle hole fit, but thats hardly the end of the world.
  11. johnr

    Will this work ??? Part 2

    +1 for por15
  12. johnr

    Frame question

    it can be done but you are likely to have trouble with registration as the vehicles identity for registration is based on its frame, if you buy a new frame you will have to get one with a v5 and transfer your running gear to it and register that frame as your bike. however, thats not the only option. if your frame has rotted through the tubes, then you can get the affected sections cut out and replaced, its not an uncommon thing on frames of this age and there are folk on here who can do it for you. alternatively, if the frame is bent following a spill, then you can have it straightened by a frame repair specialist using a motoliner jig, just google motoliner frame straightening and see who is nearest.
  13. also if youre mixing and matching the 1075cc gsx engine has 18mm small ends, th 1135cc gsx engine has 20mm small ends, so whilst you can swap stuff between cases, if you want to run an efe crank, then you need to use efe pistons with it. and vise versa.
  14. this may be clue. starts hot or cold without choke? if its flooding the carbs due to o rings perishing or shrinking then its worth changing them. these 400s run really lean as normal. ive never seen one that doesnt require chok to start from cold when its set up right.