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  1. aye, its a fucking monster of an engine, now its sorted.
  2. johnr

    My day

    Your muggle humour just passes me by....
  3. johnr

    My day

    Ahhhhhh, right, now I know its you....
  4. johnr

    Gia 1216

    Is this a Bling string thing?
  5. mate of mine has one of the 1400's, its fucking huge, but the engine is a real piece of work. first time i saw it i wondered ,will that fit in a gsxr frame'? alas he wont sell it so we will never know.
  6. johnr

    GS1000 forks

    Mine had a link tube below the top yoke with an air valve attached.
  7. johnr

    Gia 1216

    I agree, this equates to more than bling being merely squared, there must be some kind of logarithmic scale to calculate the factor by which bling must be multiplied to describe this build..........
  8. johnr

    Gia 1216

    tie that fucker down mate, if it gets any lighter and you get a gust of wind, the fucker wont hit land till norway! ;-)
  9. johnr

    Cam markings

    I've a set of Kent cams, stamped like this. Probably all they can trust the apprentice to actually do!
  10. johnr

    83 kat running gear swaps.

    plenty of suzuki stuff that will fit right on the stock frame without any mods. and im assuming that its you wurz?......
  11. johnr

    83 kat running gear swaps.

    stock kat swingarm will take upto a 180 tyre with no serious mods, so if youre after fitting a wider rear you dont necessarily need to swap the arm. lucky7 sell the mounts to weld onto a stock bandit arm to change it to twin shock, and you can get a discount on them by ordering them through this site.
  12. johnr

    GS550 Camchain tensioner...

    its more important that you dont let the engine move when youve removed the tensioner. so dont turn it over or touch the starter button once youve taken the tensioner out.
  13. johnr

    Slabside exhaust port

    they werent 33bhp restriction disks were they? designed to allow new licence holders to ride bigger bikes.
  14. johnr

    16v GS1100?

    8v gs1100 was a bored out version of the gs1000g so shaft drive.
  15. johnr

    Metmachex bearings

    arm also fits the katana and gsx750/1100 et. ive got that same design of arm for my kat.