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  1. If I had a van I'd be over with the parts bin slabby in its current state. Maybe next year. Enjoy the show lads!
  2. and they drive on the wrong side of the road
  3. https://www.kfm-motorraeder.de/en/item/suzuki-0928022016000
  4. Bring stuff from the UK to Ireland now is a thing of the past since brexit. It will basically cost the same again in vat/duty and the 'handling' charges.
  5. Hi all As per title. I know about Robinsons Forge, but if I bring in from the UK I'll get hit with a load of Import Duty. Anywhere in France/Germany/Holland etc? Thanks in advance George
  6. GeorgeEI7KO


    'kin bargain of the year!!!!!
  7. He must have shares in belgom alu so lol. Fair dues to him, but I cant see him risking bringin that out in the rain. youd be 2 weeks cleaning it afterward.
  8. show pony. It probably never sees the road...
  9. Howdy fellas As you may have seen in my Slabby thread, I'm currently stripping a few engines I got. the plan is I want to build a decent motor, which will be fed by 750l 38mm carbs and have a full cobra system. So I am looking for any advice or tips or indeed modifications I should be doing whilst I'm in there. I have a vast amount of spares now which is at least 4 of everything, but I'm stripping down to measure and check everything before I put one together. Thanks in advance George
  10. Fitted an 1127 motor into a 750 frame perfectly. Thanks again. @clivegto
  11. Mine started life as an 86 750 LE for the JDM market. I have the letter from Suzuki and all to confirm this. It has no vin plate but the headstock is perfectly stamped. Not like yours at all.
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