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  1. ah ok. I see. Other than that tho it would work??
  2. I have a question concerning a V710 motor I got I got it very cheap as it was disassembled but there is no crank. Will a b12 crank fit as I know where there is one of them. Any advice would be gratefully received G
  3. First thing to be made once i get this new shed sorted out
  4. Very valid question Tony...
  5. if you can get it apart without totally fucking it up is more of an issue. I've repaired a few in my time. If memory serves isn't there a place in London that repairs ECU's? Be worth asking them. https://www.carmoelectronics.co.uk/index.php?main_page=page&id=11
  6. Most likely a shorted MosFET transistor in the CDI . The usual cause...
  7. Mine is GR71G JDM also. 1986 and confirmed by Suzuki as a GSX750R-2. Has it factory bungs welded in the swingarm for the paddock stand bobbins? Thats another clue...
  8. That's different, hopefully the from muddy won't smack it on full compression. Looks class though man... G
  9. First port of call would be the ignition pickup, and make sure all is tickety boo there and work yer way back. Could even be something as daft as the contacts on the kill switch. With electrickery, anything is possible... G
  10. Seeing as you threw it down the track recently, I'll give you 50 quid for it..... Ha!
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