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Found 8 results

  1. Hi new to the forum be kind, Looking to upgrade my Forks to a more modern set up, Ideas or thoughts ?
  2. Havoc

    Has anybody?

    Is there any info on the site or the available archives that details the modifications required to fit a GS1000 lump in an 1100 Slabby frame? Thanks
  3. Allright, after formulating my "maybe problem" into a dirty question I hope some flatslide experts are persuaded to check out my topic With the throttle closed the rod that is being actuated from the top of the carbs and pushes on the plunger in the float bowl is already sticking out 6 mm, total travel of the plunger is a little over 7 mm. I ultrasonically cleaned my VM29SS carbs off my Slabby track bike because it started to developed a stumble coming out of a corner in the middle of the rpm range which got worse and worse. Everything under 4k rpm was allways crappy btw but on a track bike not really important but the big stumble was...
  4. Hello all. New member here. I am building a Slabside 7/12 and have used a bandit donor including its loom. My problem is what to do about the speedo and rev counter as the bandit ones don’t suit the slabby race replica style that I am going for. Ideally, I don’t want to do too much electrickery so a plug and play solution would be best if possible. Surprisingly, given that the bandit is such a magnet for modifiers, I can’t find much out there as a direct replacement. I am not against a digital dash but I would want a decent size screen. Not one of the little ones that you see on MX bikes (Vapor etc.) I have considered, as a last resort, butchering the bandit clocks and mounting them on a plate with a foam surround to try and get something close to the look I want but I think this would be a bit half-arsed. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  5. Morning Gents & Ladies So I’ve got these NOS cams knocking around and as I’m about to give the slabby her winter lay down service I wondered if they would be worth swapping in Current set up is 750F bottom end mated to a 750L head running 750F cams, carbs are RS36 flatties with K&N pods, exhaust headers are from a 750RRK into a 60mm link pipe to a shortened Akrapovic end can off a ZX10R Part numbers are Exhaust Inlet Both cams are stamped 27A the exhaust is also marked with a C and R1 M. The inlet is marked with 27A F and R1 M. If I remember rightly 27A designates Slabby part identification but the searches I’ve done have been inconclusive. So what are they and will they work together and will they give me a worthwhile boost to what is already a pretty potent engine Cheers Desmo
  6. Possibly have this heading my way this week ,One of these someone else has first refusal i'll know by Monday kinda deal's Thinking of breaking it to get parts for my HUC project but the way slabbys are heading tempted to restore decisions decisions :-)
  7. Hi there, I have an odd problem on my GSXR1100 Slabside which is defeating me, basically between tickover and just open throttle the bike runs erratically, after some investigation I noted that at tickover it was randomly dropping out on different cylinders, with a carb balancer on it the tickover was hunting a bit and every now and again one of the cylinders would 'drop out' for a fraction of a second. Rev it and it would settle for a while and then do it again. the problem does not occur when warming up but once up to temperature starts doing it. when riding at low speed say coming into a roundabout . throttle off and get slight erratic surging, then when throttle is opened slightly bike stutters before picking up suddenly, which can make taking roundabouts interesting as never sure if the bike is going to low side or run wide. Any ideas, much appreciated !!!, some background of bike , and what I have tried so far, including running a spare set of carbs: 1100 slabby with 1200 bandit engine , GSXR pickups & CDI, standard 34mm carbs, Dynacoils, Taylor leads, standard air box with K & N, crankcase breather to K &N rather than to airbox. Swapped out pickups, CDI, carbs, new taylor leads but made no difference replaced rubbers on inlet stubs, played with timing on pickups (have slotted holes on back plate , returned to standard setting), checked all the connections on the LT side of the coils , checked the taylor lead connections , changed the plugs. also monitored the voltage on the system during the rough running , sits at 14.6V with lights off and 13.4V with the lights on, no real fluctuation in voltage. bike is reliable and is charging , took it up to the isle of Man in august, ran fine apart from this problem, and certainly did not lack power at the top end etc. ran the bike on gravity feed from auxiliary fuel tank, that made no difference either. when it drops out almost sounds like it is back firing through the carbs , but not sure?
  8. Hi, I have an 1127 in a slabby and was giving it a tidy up recently. Upon finishing and giving it a run, I noticed the exhausts leaked at the head slightly. It was leaking badly prior to this so I fitted new gaskets. I looked at the online parts catalogue and noticed I'm missing the exhaust plates (Item 5 in this figure) I ordered them and they look like a restrictor - because of this I'm not keen to fit them but may need to add something else to take up the space to get it to seal does anyone know why these are fitted? cheers
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