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  1. But the wheel sizes I quote are correct...?
  2. Are the standard wheels for a 1983 1100 Katana WM2.5 front and WM3 rear? Without altering the forks/brakes, can a WM3.5 and WM4 fit? And which wire wheel rims are thee "Australian" fitment? Are they still available?
  3. Thanks all, but the MTC's will be my answer IF I need new pistons...hopefully just rings. Also, nota bene, around here 12:1 compression and locally available "gasoline" don't really mix well....
  4. What's the feed line to an oil cooler from a GSXR1100 Slabbie cylinder head? I got nice pics of an installed one - thanks! - but is it "native" to the head?
  5. What's the feed line from a GSXR slabby head?
  6. Turns out that MTC actually makes an aftermarket piston at 10:1 compression with a small overbore that's used for turbo applications. Bless those turbo guys.
  7. Duckndive, that's real? Wow, first I heard of it, great catch. Same piston pins, rod end sizes, etc.?
  8. I'm trying to find a source for standard-compression ratio pistons. I can't use the 12:1 or (God forbid) 13:1 ones since I live in a real world of variable climate and gasoline quality. No one I have seen sells aftermarket piston kits with lower than 12:1 compression. Anyone got a source for a set of NOS pistons or an aftermarket set of 10/11:1?
  9. A lot of talk herein about plumbing in a cooler to the head, but as yet I have NEVER seen one nor a picture of one. Could someone oblige?
  10. Nice bracing there. I especially like the steering head pieces. Most of the rear stuff is nice-to-have, but that stuff up front is critical. That and the pieces around the motor. Any consideration using high-strength bolts to hold the motor in?
  11. Yeah, I was going to use them...but I found a local guy who does really good bracketry AND a dealer with takeoff 4 piston Brembos.....
  12. I'm looking to replace the standard Suzuki hotplate "cooler" with an Earl's cooler. I was thinking the 5"x8"x2" would replace the stock one or the 5"x13"x2". Anyone got experience on these? It's going to be for a touring bike, used in urban environments two-up, mild cams only. Help?
  13. Thanks to all, and I'll pretend to know what shunt type regulators are!
  14. Sorry to hear that those who may think they're in the "free world" aren't under just as much threat as those of us caught within Trump's cult takeover of our government. But back to the actual item, as an adult. I had heard of problems long-term with the mighty 1150's electrical generating system.Were they just old wives tales? I've already looked into higher-powered stators. And I did look here - I just didn't find any authoritative statements; there's a lot to go through, or I thought, since we are a community, I'd just ask. Wrong thing?
  15. I have heard stories for years about the stators and voltage regulators on GS1150's going bad. Is this a real problem or an old wives tale? Worth replacing early with a Dick's seiup? Same with certain connections to the voltage regulator...true? If so, which ones?
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