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  1. Two things: first, one of the previous posts is correct, it is against the law to lane split or anything like it in NY, and that includes trickling between stopped cars in traffic jams. Not only that, but to put it mildly, you may get some recoil from cage drivers in traffic, up to and including people opening doors to keep you from passing through, and outsiders may keep comments on that to themselves, that's just our reality until the law is changed. Second, I am going to use the cooler off my '86 GSXR1100 on my 1150. I know oil technology has improved. Traffic volumes in my region have
  2. Damn, isn't there anybody in the UK or US who does this work? I know there was a guy who did (gasp!) CB750 gauges but I don't know if he does other marques. Anybody else?
  3. Does anyone have a source for renovating Katana gauges? My second-hand '83/1100 had faded gauge needles and I didn't realize how bad it was until the long end of the tach needle dropped off inside the gauge cluster. So if anyone has (1) a non-functioning tach with a good needle they'll sell or (2) knows of a somewhere you can get these gauges restored...please connect!
  4. Thanks to all on this - some of it was really useful. Here's my reality: I live in the Greater New York City area. A trip to Long Island (club meeting) which used to take me 50 minutes now takes a minimum of one hour, 15 minutes...or more. Sometimes the better part of two hours.Traffic volumes in my area have about doubled in the last ten years. Sometimes it isn't even stop and go: it's stop. That doesn't even include the rare run INTO New York City. Then, the 1150 is my "touring" bike, the only one on which I do two-up, and I don't fruit around on my rides. The standard cooler does well. The
  5. Does anyone out there know of a restoration service for Katana Tach/speedo assemblies? My second-hand '83/1100 came with ultraviolet bleached needles, one of which has broken off. Impossible to find NOS items - does anyone restore them?
  6. Johno, any threads on how I could track this man down?
  7. I have an Earl's 16 row wide oil cooler core left over from another project. Has anyone mounted one of these (or a similar size) on a GS1150?
  8. Does anyone make a tail rack for the GS1150?
  9. But the wheel sizes I quote are correct...?
  10. Are the standard wheels for a 1983 1100 Katana WM2.5 front and WM3 rear? Without altering the forks/brakes, can a WM3.5 and WM4 fit? And which wire wheel rims are thee "Australian" fitment? Are they still available?
  11. Thanks all, but the MTC's will be my answer IF I need new pistons...hopefully just rings. Also, nota bene, around here 12:1 compression and locally available "gasoline" don't really mix well....
  12. What's the feed line to an oil cooler from a GSXR1100 Slabbie cylinder head? I got nice pics of an installed one - thanks! - but is it "native" to the head?
  13. What's the feed line from a GSXR slabby head?
  14. Turns out that MTC actually makes an aftermarket piston at 10:1 compression with a small overbore that's used for turbo applications. Bless those turbo guys.
  15. Duckndive, that's real? Wow, first I heard of it, great catch. Same piston pins, rod end sizes, etc.?
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