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  1. I have an Earl's 16 row wide oil cooler core left over from another project. Has anyone mounted one of these (or a similar size) on a GS1150?
  2. Does anyone make a tail rack for the GS1150?
  3. But the wheel sizes I quote are correct...?
  4. Are the standard wheels for a 1983 1100 Katana WM2.5 front and WM3 rear? Without altering the forks/brakes, can a WM3.5 and WM4 fit? And which wire wheel rims are thee "Australian" fitment? Are they still available?
  5. Thanks all, but the MTC's will be my answer IF I need new pistons...hopefully just rings. Also, nota bene, around here 12:1 compression and locally available "gasoline" don't really mix well....
  6. What's the feed line to an oil cooler from a GSXR1100 Slabbie cylinder head? I got nice pics of an installed one - thanks! - but is it "native" to the head?
  7. What's the feed line from a GSXR slabby head?
  8. Turns out that MTC actually makes an aftermarket piston at 10:1 compression with a small overbore that's used for turbo applications. Bless those turbo guys.
  9. Duckndive, that's real? Wow, first I heard of it, great catch. Same piston pins, rod end sizes, etc.?
  10. I'm trying to find a source for standard-compression ratio pistons. I can't use the 12:1 or (God forbid) 13:1 ones since I live in a real world of variable climate and gasoline quality. No one I have seen sells aftermarket piston kits with lower than 12:1 compression. Anyone got a source for a set of NOS pistons or an aftermarket set of 10/11:1?
  11. A lot of talk herein about plumbing in a cooler to the head, but as yet I have NEVER seen one nor a picture of one. Could someone oblige?
  12. Nice bracing there. I especially like the steering head pieces. Most of the rear stuff is nice-to-have, but that stuff up front is critical. That and the pieces around the motor. Any consideration using high-strength bolts to hold the motor in?
  13. Yeah, I was going to use them...but I found a local guy who does really good bracketry AND a dealer with takeoff 4 piston Brembos.....
  14. I'm looking to replace the standard Suzuki hotplate "cooler" with an Earl's cooler. I was thinking the 5"x8"x2" would replace the stock one or the 5"x13"x2". Anyone got experience on these? It's going to be for a touring bike, used in urban environments two-up, mild cams only. Help?
  15. Thanks to all, and I'll pretend to know what shunt type regulators are!
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