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  1. Could be the rotor come loose and spinning on the shaft, don't try it again until you inspect it. Cheers SRR
  2. Before you butcher it try spraying carb cleaner on it, worked on mine for about 5000 miles. Splitting the cases is the best way,but have also done it in situ, but didn't last as long as splitting cases. Cheers SRR
  3. Use a bit from a impact drive and put a small spanner on it Cheers SRR
  4. Thanks Arturo, how close to the cam does it sit, and what degree btdc does it read? any pics of inside the cam cover? Cheers SRR
  5. Hi All, has anyone fitted a cam sensor to a EFE, if yes how did you do it and got any pics? Cheers SRR
  6. Had a play today, and got it running.
  7. Yes, never changed mine. Cheers SRR
  8. Managed to do a bit on it today, tested the FPR as thought it was faulty, seems to be fine. https://youtu.be/rKb0yX3Xq6Q Hopefully do a bit more tomorrow. Cheers SRR
  9. Hi Gixer1460, I need to retard the ignition as the starting map is preset and can't be altered, once running above a certain rpm it works of what you set in the map. Just the way RACETECH designed it, a bit rubbish really. Cheers SRR
  10. Got some spare time, so hopefully going to work on the bike next week. In order to stop the kick back I am going to cut slots in the pick up plate to retard the ignition, then I will add the retarded amount to the ignition map. Cheers SRR
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