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  1. If the frames brazed why not shot blast it scotch bright it and lacquer it like some XR 69’s. Cheers SRR
  2. Mine, know awaiting surgery to have motec M84 fitted and a list of stuff as long as my arm to do, not sure if I'll ever get it going or not. Cheers SRR
  3. Great idea, brilliant but simple. Cheers SRR
  4. Ther should be a small rubber stopper in the small hole on the steel spline, or there always was on mine. Cheers SRR
  5. Yep looks like past it's Sale by date, also the little rubber stopper seems to be missing, time for a new one. cheers SRR
  6. Another idea is put two batteries on and run them in series for the starter motor, gives 24 volts at starter and spins over a lot easier, run rest of electrics off just one of the batteries.Did this on our dragbike without any problem 13/1 comp. Cheers SRR
  7. I used to have one, took it to IOM and Steve Burn's Dyno'ed it, made an impressive 37.5 BHP. When I got it home I discovered the waste gate was jammed, but had some fun on it. Cheers SRR
  8. Could be the rotor come loose and spinning on the shaft, don't try it again until you inspect it. Cheers SRR
  9. Before you butcher it try spraying carb cleaner on it, worked on mine for about 5000 miles. Splitting the cases is the best way,but have also done it in situ, but didn't last as long as splitting cases. Cheers SRR
  10. Use a bit from a impact drive and put a small spanner on it Cheers SRR
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