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  1. The friend with the missing seat is Johan I guess? I am keeping an eye open for a XN seat, but as you might know parts are hard to find.
  2. It is a nice addition to the family of katana's indeed. the XN has a little katana dna so it fits right in. Only 70 bhp? omg lol. Well I will see what the engine does in a few months. first I need to finsh a popup kat.
  3. Can never be much with only 85hp
  4. It is tempting to modify it for sure, but first thing to do is getting it to run. If I modify it, it will be upgrading suspension and brakes only, no cutting or welding anywhere. Do you want to get yours running and modify it?
  5. Hi guys I got myself a little pre-christmas present. An XN85 Turbo (with a shocking 85hp) Bike has been standing still for more than 20 years, everything is there, does't look all that bad. so when I find some time I will see if I can get it running again. But I was wondering if anyone else her has one of these bikes?
  6. I also have a katana 1100 with a black exhaust from a GSX1100ES, I made a bracket and they fit very nice. https://imgur.com/B6rbKHg [img]https://i.imgur.com/B6rbKHg.jpg[/img]
  7. Known problem for the Inazuma, the one I used to have had a new tank on it. To my knowledge the only bike with a tank like this is the 750 and 1200 Inazuma. How far gone is the tank? maybe a welder can fix it for you?
  8. Peterrr

    Pop Kat

    I can give it a try, I've got a complete popup in parts and an 1100R engine......
  9. Peterrr

    Pop Kat

    Yes it is a GSX750F engine, fits like a glove, 1100 and 1200 cc engines are a little too high and I did not want to mod the frame and bodywork to make it all fit.
  10. Peterrr

    Pop Kat

    I hear its time for me to show my popup kat? Here it is
  11. Always good to see a katana! Are you going for an Original bike or are you going to do some more upgrades?
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