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  1. Thanks , much appreciated. Will measure mine
  2. Can you measure the length of them , mine seems to sit very low on the front on stock suspension compared to other kats
  3. Stick them on Eblag with a 50 quid starting price and see where they go , the market will decide , or stick them on here for 200 or offers and see what you get
  4. Lol , have you seen the price of fuel over here , especially compared to my crap wages !
  5. Why are all these meets so far norffff ? I am 30 miles from the sarrrff coast , apart from the ace cafe , bugger all down here
  6. And are the brake part of the anti dive units rebuildable ?
  7. I'm assuming the forks need to be removed to carry out any procedures when removing the anti dive units as the oil would just come out when you took them off ?
  8. Turned out to be just a poorly fitted rocker cover gasket by a previous owner , was hanging out on the inner part above spark plug no.2. Then ran down the holes in the fins and dripped off the ns head fin on the side stand. All good now tho. Did the valve clearances too, been out a couple of times and nice and dry again
  9. Please see arttu's concise reply , actually gave reasons rather than an ignorant tirade . Cheers puddy
  10. Absolutely excellent reply. I am a motor vehicle mechanic of 40 years , so not green behind the ears. I can see exactly why an internal part would like an external oil leak now Thanks a million Puddy
  11. Ok , seems I have upset a few with a simple question, how does an internal oil leak show as an external leak ?
  12. Thanks for the reply , but how does that show up as an external oil leak ? And I said I do not always use oe gsskets , obviously odd sized oe o rings are a different matter . Cheers puddy
  13. Thats not what I asked , yes it could be headgasket obviously, but I have read that the o rings can make it look like hg leak , why ? And I tend to use whatever gaskets I like , not just oe , thanks
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