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  1. Frying tonight ! Lol Its the carb bodies you really need to deep cleanse ultrasonically if you can. Puddy
  2. Only way to properly clean the pilot jet circuits is ultrasonically imho. Which you haven't done yet you say. Also air leak on the airfilter side of the carb wont make that much difference when not under load , would on the cylinder head side tho. Puddy
  3. Ordered some 70mm horns , the standard ones are touching everything even with the brackets reversed. Put the front wheel back in today , one of the spindle clamp threads is u/s so just gonna get some stainless 60mm cap heads and nuts to get round that problem. So , apart from the meg bracket very little to do to the efe now . Luckily the katana chipped in today with a few little jobs to make up for that tho , lol Fitted wadded baffle , new front brake light switch, and fitted the genuine sharks fins. Puddy
  4. Yeah , just gotta make a bracket for the v&h meg , its actually a srteet meg with a n off set unlike the race ones which are dead straight. But now its all fully on there it actually runs quite nicely behind the brake pedal, more to come on that. Cheers puddy
  5. Well I've been chipping away at the oil cooler problem, standard one runs right thru the starcycle headers. Found an old cooler in the shed , cut off the bsp fittings and had dash 6 weld ons fitted. Bought a cheap bracket kit on the bay and modded that a bit to fit . Finally bought a very nice oil cooler line kit , just had to spread the 180's a bit to fit. Also bought some fittings for the lines into the block , and put it all together today , worked out very nicely. Puddy
  6. Thats what I said. Can't be arsed to go back over the thread again , but have either set of carbs been PROPERLY ultrasonically cleaned ? Puddy
  7. Since you have been taking off and swapping the carbs , have you balanced the carbs in pairs then both pairs together ? ( in sets ) Tbh , I would have paid a motorcycle mechanic to have a look at it by now , I bet its something really simple.
  8. Yeah looked at those , but the mounts look more like motad silencers. Puddy
  9. Got this lot with my katana, just wanna know what irs off of before I stick it up for sale. Chrome downpipes deffo not original kat. Aftermarket silencers , cant see any markings. Puddy
  10. Went down and made the bracket this morning , all fits a treat. Puddy
  11. Thats the easy bit unfortunately, getting them back in once the rubbers have hardened and trying not to fold them whilst trying to line up 8 x spigots. All part of the 'fun' tho , lol. Good luck , puddy
  12. If you ride a classic Suzuki , then you have either done that , or nearly done that , and you're a liar if you say you haven't, lol. Puddy
  13. Ta , can't wait to ride past some shop windows and admire the loveliness , lol. Puddy
  14. Nope , I'm just the same ! Puddy
  15. Well would you believe it ? Managed to keep the original pedal with fitting the aftermarket pegs and billet brackets that came with the bike , spaced out from the frame slightly. Adjusted the brake pedal pushrod to get the pedal level , just gotta make the bracket to hold the meg on. Well happy! Puddy
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