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  1. The build was started quite some time ago, is ongoing as I type these words, and will not stop until finished. I have that rare ability to work, build, play, live, and make lists all at the same time. Once finished a build thread will follow suite. Amazing how that crystal ball of yours saw me not working on my project while I was making a list (sarcasm). Have a great day friend.........
  2. "I do not understand the reason why some persons put on these way to wide tires. Is it for show of, or to show others that they have no idea what they are doing?" Sandman, the aftermarket world of wheels, tires, and swingarms that accommodate wider than stock wheels on motorcycles is a billion dollar industry. The aftermarket world of high performance modifications for cars is even more, leading anybody to the conclusion that demand for these items has been at a high for decades now. To answer your question, it's a mix of many reasons. Some people like the "wide wheel/tire combination look" on their car or motorcycle, some people love the "staggered" look on their cars. Yes, some people feel as though it's a form of bragging rights or outdoing their buddies, while for others its purely about aesthetics and not fit, form or function. Bottom line is this, we all like similar & dissimilar things at the same time, and we should all understand & respect that. I'm a member of many car forums and at least 3 motorcycle forums and I've seen it all. I respect all of it, and I never questioned why somebody painted something purple instead of black or used "X" instead of "Z". I understand that none of us are ever going to agree on everything but the least we can do is be supportive. There's some super talented people in this forum with tons more knowledge than me and I respect what they've built. Think about how boring the world would be if we were all purists and never wanted to stray outside of how things came stock. It would make for a pretty boring world with no creativity, which sometimes leads manufacturers to supply what buyers are demanding. Remember that chopper that H.O.N.D.A made during the chopper craze.......
  3. Honestly I thought about it but I hate leaving people hanging, and I don't expect for the bike to be done until early spring of 2022. I hate following a thread and then it just stops for months, it's like watching a good movie that suddenly stops with no ending. To your point I've tried to chronologically number all the pictures I've taken from the very beginning (including receiving parts) so that I can list them as things happened. I've also made a running list of all the parts I've sourced so that I can share all of that when it's done. The only few things left at this point are: welding up the frame to strengthen it, fabricating a rear brake caliper torque arm, finishing the seat pan and having it padded & covered, fabricating up a header system (to fit the 80 GS750 frame) adding the oil cooler, putting in the wiring harness, putting the carbs on, running all the plumbing & cabling, wiring up the speedo, lights, and signals, powder coating about a billion things including the frame, wheels, rear swingarm, and front forks, figuring out which tires to use (which in the end will probably be the 180/120 set up), painting the tank, side panels, and rear section, bolting on the rearsets, etc., etc., etc. I've actually shared quite a few pics in most of the threads I started, do a search of my threads and you'll see quite a bit. And by the way, no tears and I take no offense to anything, it's all good here friend, I'm from Jersey.......we have titanium for skin.....
  4. And who says that this project wasn't done right with hard work......? I think some of you in here took my comments about the budget personal or the wrong way, my apologies. Make no mistake, tons of hours of hard work have absolutely gone into this project and by no means am I implying that it will be the greatest bike on the planet when she's done, but I'm very proud of the "hard work" that's been put into her thus far, and as far as the budget, again.....the money spent on this thing happened over a long period of time, in installments. I certainly don't have the cash reserve to dump tens of thousands on anything in one felt-swoop. When this project is over I plan on creating a build thread, and folks will either like it, love it, or hate it, and it's all good.
  5. Give her time friend, she's nowhere near done yet, much more to come........
  6. You're absolutely right, that's why I'm always posting questions in here, you guys are the experts. I think I'm going to have chain/tire rubbing issues with anything wider than a 180. The more I think about it, I think I'm just being greedy about this. The rear tire on the original wheel in this frame was a 4.0 (very thin)
  7. Friend, I meant no offense and I'm not made out of money, trust me. I remember times in my life where I was pulling up to gas stations with quarter rolls to pay for gas, and eating dry cereal for weeks..... I literally started out with just a frame and then parts came as available paychecks did, it took a year to pay for & rebuild the motor alone. I've spent a ton of money (but over and extended period of time) All I meant with my comment is that this is my dream bike project, and I decided at the very start that nothing would be done half-ass, regardless of how long it took or how much it costs. I've seen projects in here where people have spent in excess of $50.000 and at the end everybody is congratulating them. I've seen projects in here that took a weekend to finish and their just as awesome. Thanks for the tips on the tires....
  8. Well, obviously the frame, front end, rear swingarm, motor, tank, side panes, wheels, and rear tail section section are all used, I meant the internals of everything. Plus, all of those parts I just mentioned were either rebuilt or will be along with being powder coated and new paint down the road to look new. I went down to the shop today and took another look at everything and I think the chain line is going to screw me - as the chain as it sits now is barely off of the edge of the rear tire. 5mm more and I'll have rubbing issues, so............I think my idea is already done.
  9. That's probably why a lot of the chatter I see online says that the Dunlops are my best bet because they fit the 5.5 rim correctly without the pinching.
  10. The pic with the rim without a tire was taken before all of the machine work to get it to center up, the rear wheel is centered now but we still have to "dish" the left side of the frame where the chain routes in order for the chain to not hit the frame. We're also going to reinforce the frame by welding in braces. The picture with the motor in shows how we're currently mocking her up. Once everything has been fitted, everything will come apart for more customized frame work to be done including powder coat. The picture with the Black Widow exhaust that I got from the UK fits the motor (1989 GSXR100 Slingshot completely rebuilt and punched out with an 1186 Wiseco kit and tons of other goodies). The headers don't work though because of course we have a 1989 GSXR1100 motor in a 1980 GS750 frame, and exhaust tubes 1 & 4 bump into the downtube's of the frame. So we have to have an exhaust system custom made to fit. There are no "off-the-shelf" items anywhere that will fit our setup. This is not a: "slap a bunch of used parts together & go" project. Everything on this bike has been either completely rebuilt or will be, and all the wheel bearings, spacers, nuts, bolts, washers, electric's, controls, etc., etc., etc. are "mostly" new Suzuki parts from Japan. I tried my best to stay away from eBlag as much as possible and you don't want to know what I've got invested in this thing at this point...... We've been at this for close to 2 years now, and she still won't be ready until next summer.
  11. From what I know about Pirelli tires they have very aggressive lean angles & edges for aggressive cornering. I'll check out the Continentals, thanks...
  12. Good point I'll ask some people I know that are in the business to get there opinion.....
  13. True its only a pinch wider and your probably right in that it wouldn't be very noticeable, but........ It's just one of those "I want what I want" situations. Like I said, if it can't be done, it can't be done, but I don't live in the world of "it can't be done" If that were the case, 90% of what's been done to this bike would have never been done......
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