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  1. ….. the choice is simple….. it’s a Kat
  2. no can do…. bike is stored for winter .
  3. dimensions should be on the Pingel website……. ordered 1 for my ET a few months back
  4. #1- Yes #2- depends on state of tune….. fueling , ignition
  5. seeing that you are in USA ….. several choices available but expensive….. Holeshot performance , Star racing , APE , Klymenko flo ….. sooo many others…takes your pick
  6. that little seal will come out easily enough with a flat blade screw driver….. puncture the seal midway from shaft to case seat….. pry downwards like a man ….. and it will come out
  7. Brock Davidson's Blandit 1200 was the first to enter the 7's .....and was street legal ......so depending on how much dosh you want to throw at it .....possibilities are there .
  8. physically …. no ….. but it is the same variant as the slab motors . I have a V&H header for a 1052 I could measure up …..
  9. the closest header fitment for that motor would be slab 750 / 1052 …… port spacing and bolt spacing on that motor are different than aircooled ……
  10. a proper mill with a solid carbide bit will do the job . since you have that extra threaded hole , bolt the cap down and use a steel sleeve inside the bore of the opposite side…. this will be a guide to keep the drill from wobbling around . before drilling …measure the depth of the bore from the top of the cap to the bottom of the threaded hole and set the machine stop … this will keep you from drilling too far into the head….use high speed and constant pressure ( medium) …. the extractor will get red hot and the carbide bit will go through it quickly…..keep the pressure untill you have passed through both the extractor and bolt . left hand carbide bits are available too and may aid in the process but not always . This worked for me and I had 4 of them in the same head to do .
  11. K&L supply probably have a kit for those carbs …… apparently Japan made so a better quality than the chinky stuff on gaybay
  12. indeed it does….. good luck with your tunning .
  13. ..,,,. put your mixture screws at 1 1/2 turns out from seated and go try it out .
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