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  1. no class

    I have a dream

    All this new tech traction control / braking etc etc takes away the thrill of riding ... I prefered watching the old moto gp bikes coming into a curve hard on the brakes and almost out of control .... throwing down the knee and accelerating hard while exiting the turn slightly broadside.....leaving a long strip of rubber behind ! Now it's all about a second faster without the excitement of a bike and rider on the edge
  2. no class

    My day

    did you know you could put a gun rack on your bike
  3. you can probably get some done through ARP . whatever tickles your fancy .
  4. APE do big case studs
  5. no class

    GS1000 Turbo, attempt no 2

    yes it does.....and looks good to me
  6. no class

    83 kat running gear swaps.

    bandit 12 / zrx 1100 / zrx 1200 / thunderace 1000 / srad 600 / tl 1000 / so many others but depends on the suspension set-up you want.......twin shock or mono ? I would say the front end will be taking a hike as well ?
  7. no class

    GSX750(ES) swingarm options for 6" wheel

    6" wheel will not fit your frame width ....... frame mod would need to be done .
  8. no class

    Turbo project continues...

    ........that will work
  9. no class

    Turbo placement.

    I would say exhaust pulses and heat would be a factor here...... the exhaust temps would be greater , closer to the head.....which is good forturbo spool-up......further down the tract ....slower turbo spool . You would obviously need oil scavenge pump.....
  10. no class

    Idiots guide to turbos

    .....but perhaps we can get all the "heads" of forced induction to all come together and make our own "idiots guide" .
  11. no class

    Idiots guide to turbos

    ......there are some " books" that could probably get you closer to your goal.....Corky Bell / Jeff Hartman / Jay K Miller .....to name a few .....but a straight on handbook for numpties...no .
  12. no class

    Fork id

    You could lower them internally when you have them appart for the seal swap
  13. no class

    Fork id

    Lol..... they are rather long them forks..... apes would be cool
  14. no class

    Fork id

    97' trophy 1200