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  1. I'm with MeanBean49 on this one....#2 piston shows intake valve marks....does not take much to slightly bend a valve so it no longer seats propperly.
  2. aces this build .... 60mm throttle body with plenum mounted injectors ? to replace that ditch pump carb ?
  3. project looking great Clive.... testing time soon
  4. ....I wrote knew because he turned out to be a fukn' poser.....so I flushed him like a morning terd .
  5. ..... a guy I knew once.... rear ended a car doing that
  6. clearance issue ...... try a slabside brake pedal . if the slines are smaller you could cut off the kat spline shaft and weld in a slabby shaft ... then bush the frame mount for the smaller shaft .
  7. .....boost will net you more than the NA power you seek
  8. ...... yeahhh I know what you mean....I sometimes lay awake at night looking at porn too
  9. there has got to be at least 100 turbo projects on this great forum if not more..... read every single one from start to finish.... this will shed some light on your quest for info and can be quite entertaining
  10. not really..... everyone on here has at some point done the same or worse
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