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  1. So today I pulled the starter clutch off boy what a mess everything is worn out as you see its messed up going to replace everything and I will have to dress the crank to get the built up material of of it I can scrap it of with a razor knife and to think I thought I messed it up and to find out its been like this for a while . I had to use a puller to get the drive gear off didn't take much to get it off but i could mot pull it off by hand oh and the stator was loose the three screws that hold it hand come loose. So loose in fact one screw fell out when I pulled the cover off . and on
  2. is there any other way to pull the rotor off if you dont have the puller
  3. you were right the rotor is spinning on the crank i guess the woodruff key broke also found out that his screws that hold the stator in place were loose in fact one fell out when i pulled the stator cover off now i need a puller to remove it so I can fix it anybody live in utah that has one i can borrow
  4. So now I have a trigger wheel setup coming thanks to Attru now I have to fix the starter I think I broke it trying to start it I get a screeching noise and the motor dosent turn over at least I hope its the starter and not the starter clutch I will find out this weekend
  5. were did you get your trigger just curious
  6. I will sure do that sorry about that
  7. This is just run out on the sand dunes thats why the front tires look like that
  8. It is I was using my timing light and were it is sitting i can the timing mark its moves between the tdc mark and the F mark I tried to do static timing but because the timing is controlled by the microsquirt I cant static time it im going to with a tooth wheel setup. From what I have read doing the dual trigger setup is a pain in the butt
  9. It is but I am going to go a different route Im going to do a toothed wheel
  10. Yes I would be intrested on the bolt on you are talking about what would be the cost what pickup would i need for it or is it complete with pickup ? Thank you for your responce you are correct I am using the twin trigger mode and I agree it is not working well at all
  11. ok thank hou I will post a picture of what I havein a little bit this is what Im using for my trigger it will start and run but its hard to start and it kicks back the dyana s goes to the VR1- VR2- of my microsquirt I have 2 pullup resistors tied in to the wires coming from the dyna s as per instruction from DIYAuto and I have a quad spark controling the coils .
  12. First off thank you for letting me join the forum I have a 1983 gs1100 motor sitting in a custom ATV frame the motor has been punch out to a 1500cc fuel injected- 1000cc dynamics injectors microsquirt ecu gm3bar map gm IAT gm coolant temp ( have it setup in the breather housing on top of the valve cover) quadspart to drive Dyna 3 0hm coils Dyna s ignition my problem is with the timing normally you would run the Dyna to the coils do a static timing test to make sure the timing is correct . but I am having the squirt control the timing and here is
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