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  1. Duckndive


    No I have a resettable one way valve to the gauge
  2. Duckndive


    Mines had loads of stick ...this was with race-gas thou
  3. Duckndive


    Mine stock rods and gen 1 bus slugs stock head.... T3 Draw thru 245 BHP at 10 PSI
  4. Duckndive

    Lockup clutch but still slipping, tips & tricks?

    OEM every time....
  5. Duckndive

    Lockup clutch but still slipping, tips & tricks?

    You have something wrong I ran just a nut and bolt on a single stage coil spring lock up draw Thru turbo 240bhp not problem
  6. Duckndive

    Gia 1216

    Breather catch tanks I would think
  7. Duckndive

    When N/A is not enough

    It,s not broke it just stuck in the kill position due to shuttle being Dry.....tapped on vice and lubed with WD and its fine now....the spare I got of Roger does have a better switch on it thou
  8. Duckndive

    When N/A is not enough

    With the accusation of a MRE Spacer from Rupperton Fitted the slider ride back to the Fruit Loop Cover ... To make it easy "simple" to swop back to Lock-up for Dyno Day...
  9. Duckndive

    crash bars/engine guards/whatever you call them

    I would have thought that ET ones would be close if not a direct bolt on
  10. Duckndive

    Turbo placement.

    Done properly they are quick https://www.youtube.com/embed/dN5_5brMUU4?ecver=2
  11. Primary ratio is differ t but I think the box’s are the same and Just final drive ratio that different to accommodate the different primary ratio
  12. Duckndive

    Another Decent (E) Blag :)

    Just need to understand it now then
  13. Duckndive

    EFE Sidestand

    I,ve used cut down stock one's and modified 1100L one's in the past
  14. Duckndive

    GSX crank in a GS1000 case?

    No bore spacing is different
  15. Duckndive

    Gsxr cams in my gs1100

    Simple answer is yes they will fit....but not worth it unless you are going to use some hairy gsxr cams and the head has been ported etc... from memory "and allowing for the fact I,ve slept many times since" the 750 cams will give less lift than stock gs1100 cams...