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  1. Don't think you can get a split link Hyvo chain ....unless soft riveted maybe.... Definitely a timing check needed
  2. EFE gear selector switch is about £60.. from robinsons or fowlers 2nd hand Garry Hurd or Chris Tombleson should be able to help its used on a few models trawl the part no on a well known site
  3. I fitted a set to this years ago...no heat just used some wooden wedges to spread 1 & 2 and the same on 3 & 4 and i used 2 suzuki gaskets in each port as the thou headers are a smaller bore and prone to blowing
  4. sorry off topic question was that took at York Raceway ?
  5. Use stainless filler rod to weld the S/S bung into mild steel pipe... I have the innovate kit but the sensor soon dies if you use leaded fuel
  6. As far as i can remember only the 1135cc motor has a steel base gasket the rest use a paper one... i always use the steel ones
  7. There's also different clutch levers and perches for faired and unfaired models .... and most aftermarket ones are cause issues
  8. Simple answer is 1) yes you can.. 2) No spend ya money having the 1150 ported
  9. I,m not sure if he is still a member but Martin RF Miller was / is the RF900 Guru
  10. i think these are 750 clocks but if they are any help / use ?
  11. 750 cable clutch cover and inside compared to other oil boiler covers in this case Blandit 6 cover ...
  12. As above but to add some 750,s have cable clutch operated from the cover...
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