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  1. Rossco,thoroughly enjoying his weekend
  2. I see the OSS pic police have arrived
  3. Well,what a fantastic weekend we had,thanks to everyone that came along with or without a bike,had a brilliant time. * pic of a fucking bol d'or deleted *
  4. Paulm

    Stafford 2022

    15/16 Oct Simon
  5. Actually,now I've thought about it,no is the answer really,they aren't traders on here.
  6. Discuss it in PMs please
  7. @Chris12Mate,you got 9 posts on here and one of them is insulting members,just post up some pics of your build and enjoy OSS.
  8. Are you interested in coming along Marc?
  9. Well a bit of a turnaround of events for me,I've sold the Harris and am now down to just my turbo GS750.
  10. Cracking weekend.
  11. See ya there,I'm going up Friday with Bow.
  12. Straightliners Events Web page Clive,ordered mine last night
  13. Expand on your comment then Monty,what have we supposedly done/not done??
  14. Entry is in gents,check your messages and reply on there please. Paul
  15. I like the sound of that.
  16. Nice pic at Donington Simon,that black and red paintwork still looks great.
  17. I'm sure I saw Green and Brown on a ET year chart when I was looking at colours for mine,I could be mistaken though,I is old
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