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  1. Now that is going to be a "good un". Nice job with the seat cover Have to agree with @banoffeeyou have done a great job with the paint.
  2. VERY lucky swineEnjoy...... Have you got it home yet?
  3. Great job on the carb overhaul, very impressive
  4. Rustynail

    The Beast!

    No pic for me either
  5. Don’t panic so much, do yourself a favour and have a look at a post by @Russ750ETCarb Rebuilding advise. There is a link to a carb manual (thanks BigT) which has all the info you should need to service your carbs. To keep things as simple as possible just put carbs and air filter back to standard and get the thing running.
  6. Great looking bike. Build thread would have been good though detailing the work you have put in to it. Because after all we do like pictures
  7. The skill set on this ere internet web thingy is just beyond measure
  8. My head hurts I think you have posted that many different questions that are basically looking at the same issue, are causing some confusion. As people have said the Knackered throttle cable is probably not the main cause of your starting problems. And if the bike has been stood for a length of time the best thing to do is CLEAN and balance the carbs stick a new air filter on it and go from there.
  9. I think you have answered your own question. Something is obviously bent I thought @Swiss Tonipost was funny similar sense of humour i guess
  10. Very nice What happened to the build thread in the projects section
  11. Welcome to OSS. Totally agree with what’s already been said, “more build details required “
  12. I just used halfords VHT matt black for this one, the finish turned out great
  13. @wraithhas a nice Katana with an ET tail piece. I'm sure he'll be along with some pictures
  14. There you go that being prepared really does pay off Well done
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