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When N/A is not enough

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On ‎06‎/‎06‎/‎2015 at 1:49 PM, Duckndive said:

Street and the odd 1/4 mile excursion ................:D

Just waiting on an uprated T3 from univeral turbos thats being built to Fruitloops Spec...B|

New wizzer landed so ex up-pipe cut back and T3 in place...:)



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Up-Pipe modded with new flange and bends.....wanted to keep wizzy bit as as high as possable to keep heat away from starter and gain as much room for drain ..


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Good question...given that my last draw thru "Aircooled" made 160BHP at 5 PSI.....and easy went over 200 when i wound the PSI up with a drop off race gas ....

So i would expect this to make a little more at 5PSI given the base HP is going to be higher to start with............ 

if i get chance before the Bulldog i will run it down to Tims one sat morning to check the fueling



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Clive - your brave with that 'ickle little cooler! At least you can throw my old motor at it and the pipes will still fit and throw alcohol at it - would be a hoot! LOL

I'm like the look though.


Yes Ian cooler may well be an issue for road use 9_9

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Well fitted the tank added some fuel and after a few turns of the starter it made some quite social noises ..................... B|

May be a bit on the fat side fuel wise TBH but it realy needs a run up the road to blow it out ...but its not Moted at the mo so need to get that sorted 1st ...


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