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  1. No, they look the same. Try Simon Francis and Simon Turner garage in the UK and on FB. He just restored one last year.
  2. USA dealer carries DYMAGs and usually has our W sizes in stock, 6" is special order. https://www.orientexpress.com/suzuki-gsxr750-1994-parts.aspx
  3. PFM makes true full floating rotors to fit your 93-95 GSXR 750 and 93-98 GSXR 1100. These rotors fit your stock wheels and calipers. Please confirm before you order, but I think the part nummbers are, PFM Front: S006HP Rear: S0459 SBS Pads, Front: 686RS Rear: 556LS
  4. forgot...1100w swingarms are 2" longer than 750w swingarms.
  5. Blue came on all '94 GSXR 750. The blue one on the '94 gsxr 750 SP were special built and thinner walled to be lighter. There were blue one on some 1100's, but were bigger diameter and heavy!
  6. I've seen Busa, SRAD, R6 conversions. Sorry, I don't have the details though. Here is what I have found:
  7. Let us know where you find oem style connections for the cdi and if you use all the oem male/female plugs.
  8. Looks like the Pazzo levers, fitting the SRAD will also fit our bikes. Please do your own cross referencing on ronayers.com to confirm before ordering.
  9. Sometimes, you just got to know! "...and knowing is half the battle!" I've had bad experiences with name brand levers too. eg. motion pro, brake master I'm sure some were my fault and some may have been manufacturer differences and quality control. None of the aftermarket stuff for old bikes is being made in USA, Japan, Germany, or UK. So, I had to check them for myself. There are some top quality stuff being made that will fit for top prices by bigger name brands. Just have to cross reference fitment. Like I believe some of the SV's fit our bikes.
  10. I took a chance on some levers from Eblag....I was surprising impressed!
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