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  1. Hi folk, recently bought an 86 efe and want to swap the forks, I’ve got a set Fromm a gsxr 1100 w 1993 and I’m wondering if any one else has made this swap and how difficult/ easy it was, I’m really looking for a bit of advice to save me from any expensive mistakes. I have the full front end . Hopefully it’s just a case of new bearings and in it goes, am I that lucky or just dreaming. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for all the advice, I’ve gone and bought a set of mikuni rs36 and a 1230 big bore kit also a bandit swingarm and wheel , on order is the complete front end from a gsxr 1100wn , I ordered an exhaust about a month ago and I’m still waiting for that . Next up is the clutch which is a bit of a mystery as to what to get, so I’ve got a few things to be getting on with this winter. Maybe some Kent cams but I have no idea as to if it’s worth it or not.
  3. the body works a bit tatty and the forks are weeping also oddly enough it stinks like an old electric radiator that’s just been started after the summers over. No electrical gremlins though.
  4. Thanks for the words of wisdom, I forgot to mention I have a mk2 1200 bandit swing arm and back wheel and I was wondering about a front end which doesn’t require a huge amount of engineering to get it in , maybe just a new steering stem .
  5. Hi all I’m new to this forum and have just bought an old gsx 1100 efe from 86. The motor is in good shape although it has 61000km on it, the rest of the bike is fairly worn out but road worthy. So my question is , I’d like to tune the motor but what would be considered a good fast road tune ie what components would give best value for money against power gained. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks nick
  6. That doesn’t sound good, here in Denmark we can’t ride in winter so hopefully it won’t be a problem
  7. Hi , has anyone ever tried the setrab oil coolers , I just bought a New 16 row cooler with no fitting for £50 , good , no good,and is it worth spending loads on fancy fittings when just regular stainless seem much cheaper I’ve seen stuff for diggers that are the same size but 1/4 the price
  8. Hi, Quick question , has anyone on here tried The marving exhaust for a gsx 1100 ef, they seem fairly good value but are they any good. Just bought a standard 1100 ef and want to get rid of the original pipe. Many thanks
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