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  1. when you balance carbs it can alter the rev's up or down, if it does alter the rev's you adjust the idle screw.
  2. TonyGee

    884 gsxr749

    i had a chop with a gsx 1260 engine in it that had blown the head gasket, i couldn't find a new one at the time so i made one from copper sheet. i was dead chuffed with it i didn't want to put it on the engine
  3. you said you fitted a second set of carbs and it was fine but when you put the first set back on it over reved, so the problem lies with the first set of carbs.
  4. i tried an RF carrier in a 600 bandit wheel and it didn't fit but i didn't know what year both parts where off. i have fitted a 1980 gsx 750 et carrier to a 1200 bandit wheel as its slightly shorter so i can line up the chain with an off set front sprocket.
  5. yeah their is, ive worked for a few dealers and some have the tool others dont. even Suzuki have a tool for installing valve guide seals, they use the tool for removing/fitting the valve guide, 09916-44310
  6. its been a long time since i fitted any stem seals but the OEM ones ive fitted in the past have a metal insert, theirs no way you could push them on with your thumb as you risk damaging the top sealing lip where the spring sits, i had to use the factory tool to install them.
  7. the bandit torque arm bolts to the swingarm so theirs no movement.
  8. interference fit. you have to tap them on
  9. their suppose to be a tight fit, if their loose their no good.
  10. thats some serious abuse no class out of interest, does anybody know the REAL HP of an early 16v 750 ?
  11. well that 1100 EFE engine went for £870 are they worth more than the earlier one ? am i gona have to sell my sole to get one ?
  12. TonyGee

    Frame brace

    im guessing your not going to use a fairing ? why not make some and make a feature out of em ? as they will be on show.
  13. TonyGee

    Frame brace

    lol, so between us we might be able to make sense !!!!!
  14. as bin said, if you have the CDI and pulse coils then it'll work, but you might have to change/modify connections to the geny and other bits.
  15. TonyGee

    Frame brace

    ive just reread your first post wraith (im dyslexic), you mean the two bits that wrap around the cylinders ? they are for crash protection as they can be hidden behind a fairing, but they are quite stiff so they will help to keep the frame ridged. theirs nowt stopping you leaving them off but it might not help the handling !!!!
  16. TonyGee

    Frame brace

    do you mean the two frame rails that cradle under the engine ? if so suzuki fitted them for a reason to give the frame strength. without them it will flex and their will be only the two engine mounts at the rear.
  17. TonyGee

    Frame brace

    dont worry wraith, people mocked and laughed at the elephant man but he was a nice guy underneath
  18. maybe your clutch need looking at ?
  19. its just letting you know its changed gear
  20. if anyone is interested i got hold of a NOS spindle for £12, and the length is 330mm not including the head.
  21. agree John, yeah one of the things i did on the 750 was sort out the bodged wiring and do away with the light loop, its still running an original oem R/R and it still charges perfect (for now) the old motors where over engineered which makes them last, the engine in mine is so quiet for a 40 year old not like my 1200 bandit engine.
  22. they do, but someone asked the question about USD's
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