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  1. Good afternoon guys I took the exhaust off my blandit 12 surely this would restrict it somewhat ?? Someone had welded this cone onto the pipe
  2. Hi guys just putting the finishing touches to my gsfR project would it be better to use the 750m ecu or use the blandit 6 one.would there be any advantage Thanks
  3. Cheers guys it just seems the donor bike I purchased for my project is a righ lemon everything I remove from it is knackered even the main fork bodies are dented corroded and generally f##ked I've looked at a few re chroming sites cheapest is £175 for the pair.
  4. Hi guys the seals were leaking on my 750m forks and on closer inspection they are really worn out chrome all gone around the seal area.What are my options is it possible to remove the bottoms of the forks if so how do they come apart ?? And is re chroming an option ?? This project I'm doing is getting quite pricey. Thanks
  5. paddle

    Sticky valve ??

    That's what I'm going to do I think
  6. paddle

    Sticky valve ??

    Ok thanks I think the 750m engine is bucket and shim will pop the cover off and look Thanks
  7. Hi guys just did a compression test on my 750m engine after discovering its true miles 72k.i got 115psi on 1 2 3 cylinders and 20 on number 4 as the bike has not run for 5 years could this be a gumned corroded valve seat ?? Should I run it to seeif if it mproves the other 3 readings are very close together Thanks
  8. paddle

    Mileage shock

    When I get the engine in the frame I will do a compression check the engine looks really clean Hardly any engine paint missing just the exhaust studs needed some drilling
  9. paddle

    Mileage shock

    I saw the original bike before it was butchered for its bits that was about 6 years ago and it was a good runner.
  10. paddle

    Mileage shock

    Hi guys when I bought my 750m engine it was fitted in a low rider frame which was an unfinished project i was just sorting through some parts tonight and I came across the reg number from the engine thought I would check on dvla site shock horror 37k miles on the last mot but the biggest shock was the 72k miles it had on it the year before.wonder how much life it's got left in it
  11. I've replaced the float valves did a bench test with about 200ml of fuel all good after 2 hours.i think the tap is intermittently working so will replace the diaphragm in that as well
  12. CVK 32 Keihins on the inazuma 1200
  13. Well got home from work went in the garage total chaos air box full of fuel,cylinders full of fuel,and sump full of fuel with that much leakage the fuel tap must be faulty.I have ordered a repair kit plus an extra stand alone hi flow vacuum fuel valve plus a set of genuine suzuki float valves as when I checked the originals they all had a wear ring in the rubber cone and the little sprung loaded post on a couple was getting stuck.lets hope I've got it sorted
  14. The tap is working fine and I dont seem to have any fuel smell from my filler hole I think the fuel leaking from the rear of the carb is what's left in the fuel pipe it just over fuels really bad when its running
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