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  1. I happened across a cheap ws swingarm on evilbay recently, has some damage but I'm not too concerned. However, it's meant to be for a 750, but it looks awfully long, possibly an 1100. Are there any identifying numbers/marks etc to distinguish between the two? Or does anyone have a dimension for a 750 arm so I can compare measurements?
  2. A guy I know bought a basket case gsx1100esd and I've been enlisted in to help him on the rebuild. He has a bandit 1200 rear wheel, but wants to keep the stock swingarm. I'm certain I've seen in here it's possible, I seem to recall using a gs500 sprocket carrier (?). Also he's looking to use a 530 chain and sprockets with the appropriately sized sprockets to retain standard gearing, what size sprockets should be be looking at using?
  3. Thanks guys, much appreciated, a picture makes everything easy, and the info is invaluable.
  4. I'm assuming there's a hose that replaces the 'Y' piece at the back of the engine, up to the cooler that then once through the cooler, splits into two and into the camcover feeds?
  5. Never fitted a head cooler but will be looking to on my latest engine build, so is there a definitive guide for do and donts? And any photos would be appreciated.
  6. Great thread, just read it from start to finish, some nice touches.
  7. Cheers guys, much appreciated, I've seen the billet linkage and no one does one for a 750, but if an 1100 one fits the 750 arm then that's a start. I'll have a look at the R1 shock too, is it any specific model R1? My bike currently has a white power shock, but it's a bit tired.
  8. Hi, I've a pair of 1100K wheels to go into my 750 slabside gsxr. How can I modify the rear suspension link to maintain the ride height?
  9. Can the 750 cylinder head be modded to fit on these (the 1100) like other gsxr's?
  10. Rechrome them, I've had them done before, about £150 last time I had a pair done. http://www.hardchromeplating.co.uk/
  11. I'll not be laughing, my predicament is the 75-100-75 spacing as mentioned earlier
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