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  1. These guys produce some nice rearsets - https://accbilletengineering.co.za/product-category/gsxr-pre-sling-slabside/
  2. Sorry a bit more context. I read the valves and or seats have a thin hardened layer and that lapping them in can wear through the layer so shouldnt be done. Sounds like most do lap the valves in.
  3. I used a Yamaha YZFR1 YZF R1 1998 1999 2000 4XV Right Hand Switch
  4. Quick question. Is it ok to lap in slabbie valves with a light lapping paste? Read a bit that says no, dont do it and other posts where people do.
  5. Hi @DezzaNo it wasnt changed, measured length to ensure it was in spec. I assume if I end up looking at the big ends and splitting the case then that would be the perfect opportunity to put a new chain in.
  6. Dang, hope I don't have to as haven't done it before. If I dont get anything with valves and springs I will look at that adventure
  7. Or you could look at an APE ST750 manual cam chain tensioner. http://ape-store.com/shopsite/page5.html https://aperaceparts.com/tech/tensioners.html
  8. So still trying to figure this out. Torn it down and removed the head, going to check valve springs ok, Cam chain is fine and tensioner and guides. Having a look at the camshafts again the cam lobe profiles arent very even, one side is very steep. I am not familiar with how the cam lobe profiles should look. Any thoughts on below? Do they look ok? No ridges on the lobe faces
  9. Also does anyone use thread lock on the camshaft cap bolts?
  10. Hi, GSXR 1100 Has anyone replaced the camshaft cap bolts? Are OEM best or do most people just use high tensile steel cap screws? Any change to torque settings or just follow the manual?
  11. Cam chain was tight and not loose. Idler sprocket bearings fine. All cam caps still tight no bolts broken. 1 cam bearing showing some blue so possibly a bit tight wit cam cap and binding and overheating. No major galling on cam surfaces. Bit at a loss. Any concerns looking at the photos? Will look to spruce the cam chain tensioner. Have a few cam caps to helicoil as cylinder head cover threads stripped on a few.
  12. @bluedog59Thanks good advice. The carbs are flat sliders and chatter at idle, they have been balanced but will check again
  13. @Hanma-shinDo you mean the wheel in the cam chain idler? Number 3 in the parts diagram
  14. Compression Test Results: Manual Std Compression: 142 - 199 psi Min: 114 psi Max Variable: 28 psi Bike Results Initial psi / Final psi Cylinder 1: 140 / 178 Cylinder 2: 140 / 180 Cylinder 3: 140 / 170 Cylinder 4: 140 / 175 Keeping in mind it is an 1109 with high compression wiseco pistons. Also I haven't ever done a compression test on a slabbie but followed manual instructions Diagnoses: Initial of 140 psi I will assume is great on first crank? If so valves are sealing well . Built to max pressure quickly so rings good. Variation within
  15. Hi @Nik Bored and honed and 1109 piston kit fitted 6000 km ago bang on clearance. Very unlikely piston slap
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