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  1. I have so many questions for this pic and an idea . If a shorter curved cooler , connected with the main one , placed in front and lower of the main cooler can fit with no clearance issues with an usd fork and not reducing turning radius too . Have this double cooler as a head cooler with the lines coming over the cylinder head and a gsxr 1000 vshaped cooler connected with the sump lines instead of the main one , everything nice and tidy right ? Also anybody knows what frame is this in the picture ?
  2. I have a question , why is nobody connecting the second cooler inline with the main one ? I think johny1bump wrote about doing it this way next time or maybe i am wrong .
  3. I am interested in this topic too for my 1100 1992 forks , also if anybody could suggest someone who can chrome fork tubes .
  4. You didnt cut the fitting off? I think i probably need to cut it because the crack goes all the way to the center . Could you please post a pic of it , if it is possible ?
  5. A few months ago as i removed my oil cooler ( GSXR 1100 N ) one bolt stripped the threads and cracked the fitting of the oil cooler where the oil lines connect . If i had to do it again i would just remove the lines from the sump and leave the ones on the oil cooler connected. Recently i had the idea to cut the old fittings and have AN8 or AN10 fittings welded in place . Anybody here done that before?
  6. I always thought that the rear wheel in the pic had a 190 tire on a 5.5 rim because it looks swoallen to me , am i wrong? Looks nice to me but i have no idea how it turns.
  7. It doesnt seem to be in contact with the pivot , it is seized too and i thought it would be easier to remove it once the pivot is out . I wish i had a 14mm allen key to try to spin the pivot loose but i have a hummer so...
  8. Thanks a lot for replying guys , i will attack the enemy pivot first thing in the morning with fury , anger and brutal force .
  9. I will use a piece of wood between the hummer and the pivot i have allready soaked it in wd 40 , so no messing with the castle nut right? Thanks for replying Jaydee
  10. Hello everyone , i tried to remove my swingarm today but the pivot will not move at all , it has never been removed i guess . My question is do i have to loosen the adjusting locking castle nut (which is seised as well) or should i go ahead and force the pivot out with a hummer? I think the pivot should be able to move once the nut is removed without messing with the castle nut but i thought its better to ask you guys for advise first
  11. Why strip the engine ? I bought my GSXR with a bad cam chain , i just splitted the new chain , fed it through and run it for more than 30.000 km no problems.
  12. Thank you for replying , i found a GSXR 600 swingarm complete with sunspension and wheel so i will give it a try then . I found your project thread , im halfway reading it and it looks awesome , much better job than i could ever dream of doing myself ! Im so jealous now , great job !
  13. Nitron shock has a remote reservoir right? Did you try to fit a K5 shock to your bike? Did you have any issues with the airbox - shock clearance ?
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