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  1. These are the calipers I have. I believe they are k1 1000 each caliper has 4 large and 2 small pistons. I am running 19x20 magura radial and braided lines.
  2. Hello all. I have a mk1 b12 it has a gsxr750 k1 front end and gsxr1000 k1 calipers someone has put on. Is there a caliper upgrade for these forks, reason I ask is that I’ve read reports that some prefer to put 4 pots on over the 6 pots. Should I go back to k1 750 calipers or is there a good aftermarket caliper? All options are welcome. Thanks Alex.
  3. Hello all. I have a bike that runs 12-13 all the way through the Rev range (road use) what af are you guys running on your turbo bikes? Have been told that 11-12 is better on these. Thanks Alex.
  4. thanks all for your help today, much appreciated.
  5. I have a triumph t595 swing arm I need the clearance on the swing arm. A 15t rubs the chain guide to much. I need to go as big as I can on the front as a triumph has a 18 or 19. Also I am running a 247 whp turbo engine
  6. Hello all. Would a 17t front sprocket fit on the b12 without hitting the clutch push rod? Thanks in advance alex.
  7. Hello all. are gsxr750 k1 k2 front wheel the same as gsxr1000 k1 k2 ?
  8. As you can just about see the pads are not running on all of the disc. Bandit front wheel. Bandit disc. 750k1 forks. Don’t know what calipers they are yet.
  9. Hello all. Does anyone know if a gsxr750 k1 front disc hub hole and pcd and possibly offset are the same as b12 mk1 I know the gsxr disc is 10mm bigger. I brought a bandit with 750 front end but it has bandit discs . Thanks in advance alex.
  10. Hello all. I have just bought a b12 turbo and would like to know of any good swing arm conversions for it. I heard that the hayabusa arm is a good one to use? Is it a bit longer? As you can imagine it wheelies easily how much longer can the arm be before it affects cornering. Thanks in advance alex.
  11. Alex

    Cdi unit

    Hi all. Are the b12 mk1cdi units interchangeable with the gsxr1100/ 750 / rf900/ b6/ gsx600f etc. The first numbers on the fist two rows are the same I don't know what the rest are. Any help will be appreciated. Alex.
  12. Hi all. I was told a long while ago that if I take the balance weight off the frame that is behind the head stock that I would get vibration through the handle bars. Is this correct?
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