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  1. Before fitting a scavenger pump, I had this issue. Turbo was a tad too low and oil was seeping past the seal filling the compressor housing. Once running it basically pumped it all the way to the plenum. Cleaned it all out, fitted the scavenge pump and alls been good since.
  2. I forget now. Will need to get in there to add more soon tho
  3. Stock clutch with MTC lock up. Getting there man. Had to get over the fear of launching this thing first. Haha
  4. First off, thanks goes out to this group. I e been in and out over the years asking questions and general lurking. You’ve all supplied valuable info over the years. Went to the strip last Friday for its first shake down run. Bike ran well and I went from a first pass of 16.2 to a best run at 11.03. Mostly due to the fact I was effing terrified to launch properly. Gearing was far too short (15-49 Don’t ask cause I honestly don’t know why lol) Maxed the mph out at 125mph. Went again last night and grew a pair large enough to launch off the 2 step. Best 60ft of 1.5 and best et of 10.1. I changed the rear sprocket to 43 as that’s all I could get my hands on. MPH jumped to 134 and then the track fell off. Heading in the right direction tho. New sprockets on order and got some data to review. Onwards and upwards. Looking forward to seeing what she has left in her as I feel I’m just scratching the surface. Meat and potatoes of the bike are: -86 gsxr 1100 w. 9mm overbore. -efi using a Microsquirt -Holset HY35 turbo I’m number 354 on the timing slip
  5. Thanks Arttu. I thought 1* per psi was a bit much as well. From your experience, hows this table look for a starting point?
  6. I have no intercooler but will be using meth-injection to help cool and curb knock. Should also add its drag only. May plate it to cruise to a bikenight here and there but not at all concerning myself with a street friendly tune. So you think 1*/psi is a good starting point? At what psi would you suggest to start pulling timing? I've read to wait until 3-4psi before pulling timing. Its a rather large turbo if that matters. Holset HY35. Similar compressor size to the HX but a smaller 9cm^2 single scroll turbine house instead of the twin scroll 12cm^2
  7. Getting to the stage where I am able to start testing and dialing in the set up. I have a 1316cc slabby with efi. Fully built engine with 10:1 comp. and stock head aside from springs etc. I've seen info stating to pull 1* per psi of boost, and have also read on a thread in the archives to pull 1* for each 20KPA which equates to 1* for every 3psi. What is a good starting point for retarding the timing on boost for these engines and where did you end up with the engine being the happiest?
  8. @no classValid Point. I am out of town for work at the moment so will have to take a look and think it through a bit more when I get home. Cheers fellas
  9. Thanks Jaydee. Engine has turbo so no exhaust to contend with. Anything special to do with the oil pressure relief valve in the 1052 oil pan? The one with a spring and a cup that’s a bypass for the cooler. Does it have to be swapped over to new pan?
  10. Which sump should I look for that has the oil cooler lines connections on the front rather than the bottom. Its for a 1052 engine. Currently they connect on the bottom of the original 1052 sump but I am planning on lowering the bike and I don’t like the idea of oil lines being the lowest point. Tia
  11. Hey guys, Would anyone have any knowledge of these RC Components rims? Was told they are from 89 750. Front rim is stamped 2450 Rear rim is stamped 2455DR Front has 320mm discs with very little offset Rear has 244.5mm disc sprocket mounting holes are 6 x 70mm centre to centre Google turned up up nothing.
  12. Finally!! Was able to get this thing in to a ridable state. Been a long 6 years and a few hurdles along the way. Thanks to everyone in this group who chimed and offered help along the way. Now time to book a dyno session to get the mapping sorted out and the it’s time for the strip and see what comes of this.
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