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  1. That would be good mate, I'm not sure if we have the samen basket or not...I should really sort out some pics...
  2. So, after lot's of thinking, this is what I came up with: I have another clutch which has a helical gear fitted but by the looks of things it came from a GSX-R? It has the ribbed steel basket and it's a coulspring-type clutch. Am I right in thinking that fitting this clutch with the MTC-lock up is job done for road use for now? Another Hayes clutch is expensive and I don't want to spend the money without going to straight cut gears as well BUT don't fancy taking the engine out just now...if I can run it like this the coming summer I'll be good. I've too many o
  3. I run the Hayes without the centre springs so those won't break and wreck the engine (I was warned for this). It can be made to run as a more or less standard lock up or as slider/semi-slider, I ran it as a lock up only. The money on the Hayes is already spent, dunno how much an MTC lock up is but if it's cheap enough I might consider retro-firring the original basket for now in combination with the MTC lock up. The bike is a roadbike and I don't intend to drag it.
  4. Nope, it won't...doesn't really make sense to buy a seperate lockup for a stock clutch in my case, the money is better spent on the Hayes Basket in that case...wonder how much the stock clutch with some heavier springs can take?
  5. BTW. I do have an OEM clutchbasket I think...how's about I run that on low boost for now? Quick and easy fix for only the cost of new plates I should think...
  6. Ah, right...totally forgot that the cases split horizontally! The Hayes was already there and it won't slip and can be setup different way's which is kinda cool...thought it would be bombproof but, as it turns out, it's not...
  7. Crap...the engine is sweet as a nut so it would be a real shame to take it apart...unless I up the capacity whilst I'm at it...!
  8. Thing is, I don't feel like shelling out for a new Hayes clutch only to have it explode on me again...so maybe it's better to not take that risk and upgrade to straight cut gears....
  9. Oh dear....engine out job then...hmmm...will have a little think of how to proceed then....was thinking to not take the engine apart for a while and then upgrade to larger capacity as well but I don't fancy shelling out for a new engine just yet... What is big power by the way? The aim and probabillity here is 300 ATW...too much?
  10. Well power isn't the issue here, it's making plenty!...is it possible to convert to straight cut gears that you know? Might be worth it seeing as I have to order a new basket anyway
  11. Agreed. It seems they have changed the basket design since mine was bought so might hold a clue...
  12. Fair enough but you wouldn't exactly expect a clutch like this to let go...
  13. You're right, my wallet is next to shit itself I'm afraid... Main thing is that it's running sweet with plenty 'o power and more to come!
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