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CV Carb mod to replace plastic washers, which locate under needle circlip that wear out.


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So see pictures below. These four plastic washers were on same set of carbs at same time. You can see how different they wear some spin, some grove, some I turned over to get another year out of them. These were genuine Suzuki items.

So you spent the hard earned on dyno got it set up right, year later running not quite right very frustrating especially when your really pushing so you really can feel those changes. Well look at pics below no wonder along with oval 'd emulsion tops.


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The plastic wearing actually leans it out hiding fact emulsions have gone oval causing rich spot. Just completely messes it up. Put new items it just feels like new bike as long as you wrote your original set up down. That sounds a contradiction with rich and lean and it is, sometimes your lucky as wear balances itself out but most time you end up chasing your tail unless you replace with new.

The 40 mm cvs are so so sensitive I'm sure just just touching them makes a difference hense why so against not having air box on cv equipped bikes. Ok for going pub and back maybe to show trailer queen paint job. I can say that I've had some wild paint in the past but not trailer queen lol.

You can get the 40s and air box to flow really well only in later years did I switch to get more.

It's all about that finesse.

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This is in no way a criticism, just an observation that i have passed on to @jonny1bump

I have fitted these to my BS38's & before, needle protrusion was at 61mm with clip in middle of 5.

After fitting, the protrusion was down to 59mm. So i raised clip to top notch of 5 & needle then protruded 61mm again.


My point was, has anyone had this when they fitted, or as J1 suggests, they were made the right thickness to stop this happening?

I will strip mine down again & double check it all, but chances of all 4 not seating correctly is remote. I can only think the step in 38's isn't as deep? 

Only way of really knowing would be to cut the slide apart, if my depth gauge won't fit :) 

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