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  1. Sorry Viz, ian and jim run 400cc motors bored out to 500cc. Unless anyone knows different?
  2. Welcome Jonny! They're a good bunch on here, and you'll learn a ton of useful stuff to help you keep that slabby running for many years to come!
  3. That's stunning steve! And as it happens i did exactly the same thing after our chat the other night!
  4. Classy build indeed, hats off to you sir!
  5. Wescooley19

    new carbs

    Got a nice set of VMs that have been thoroughly cleaned and are ready to go if you're interested? Got em on Eblag for £300, but i'll let them go for £250 to a fellow oldskooler!
  6. You'll not top jason's stuff mate, it fits perfectly and it's top quality! Here's one i built a few years ago!
  7. I'll be along on my latest bargain buy, a sheepfrightered Slingy 750 that's been owned by a tasteless fucker with a penchant for fake carbon sheet............but my mate Ryan will be bringing the Yorkshire Teapot 6/12 along too so at least one of us won't be laughed at!
  8. Yes, i braced mine! All i did was cut n' shut some 25mm box, and brush finished it afterwards.
  9. Just had a look in the manual, pilots are 32.5 so go up to 35s, float height is 14.6mm + or - 1mm.
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