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  1. Classy build indeed, hats off to you sir!
  2. Wescooley19

    new carbs

    Got a nice set of VMs that have been thoroughly cleaned and are ready to go if you're interested? Got em on Eblag for £300, but i'll let them go for £250 to a fellow oldskooler!
  3. You'll not top jason's stuff mate, it fits perfectly and it's top quality! Here's one i built a few years ago!
  4. Yes, i braced mine! All i did was cut n' shut some 25mm box, and brush finished it afterwards.
  5. Just had a look in the manual, pilots are 32.5 so go up to 35s, float height is 14.6mm + or - 1mm.
  6. The cheap Eblag filters cause nowt but grief on carbs, much better to buy some decent Pipercross ones as it will run miles better. Go up one size on the pilots (usually in 2.5 increments so if you have 15s go up to 17.5) and try a main jet of around 125/130s as a starting point. With the bigger pilot jet your low speed running should improve massively, put the mixture screws at 1 1/2 turns from seated and work from there! Hope that helps!
  7. Yep, definetly ripe for modding!! One i did a few years back, with a 1200 lump, srad front end, K1 1000 shock, Bandit 6 deep braced arm and a Bandit 12 rear wheel, paint was based on an idea around the 'teapot' name, hence Yorkshire Teapot!
  8. Ah.....bit too nice to smash up, so i'll be taking this beauty instead!!
  9. Cheers! I ended up taking the sump off for a better look......found what looks like kitchen roll blocking the strainer!! All flushed out and back together, oil light unsurprisingly went out!!
  10. Now then......just bought a cheapy teapot 6, previous owner had stripped it for a winter refurb (paint, chassis bearings/seals/tyres/chain ect ect....) and he also tidied up the motor, and in his infinite wisdom filled his sump with EP 80 gear oil........i bought it because the oil light wouldn't go out with ideas of doing a whitham '88 rep with better forks/wheels and brakes as well as a 750L motor i have languishing in the corner, but with an eye on Dirtquake in July first......so, after draining said treacle out (oil cooler off, filter off too!) would you have thought i'd need to take the sump off, strainer and oil pressure valves to clean them out too? Just refilled it with fresh motul and a new filter and the bugger is staying on after spinning it over with the plugs out that's all!
  11. Wescooley19


    Oooh....too many variations on the theme to mention, but these are two of my better ones, the schwantz 7/11, and my current steed, a 750ES but with powerscreen 1127 (oil cooled so allowed on here!!) motor.
  12. This was my solution for a customer, i made a box for the adaptor plate to sit in then welded it into the bottom of the tank and that worked a treat!
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