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  1. If the discs are slightly rusty, are they "grabby", ie, no progressive feel at the lever? Nothing then everything?
  2. Oh, yeah. Like Nik said, some American 750s had the bigger tank. The rest of the world just kept the flatter one.
  3. The 750 is much flatter. That looks very much like an 1100.
  4. I don't believe there are Dave. You'd have to scrutinise the cases and see if there are differences in paint shades, scratches from tools or other marks that match the two together.
  5. Had a couple of the cheap ones and they're fine. If you're after hoses, look for Torques UK on fleabay, get the bits to make your own up. Much cheaper than Earls or similar.
  6. Pistons into barrels? Lightly oil em and wide zip-ties around the rings. Personally I just use my hands...
  7. If it's been stood, suspect pilot circuit. Getting good fuel flow through the tap? Pull the plugs and check they're clean, gapped correctly and a good spark. Battery fully charged? IMHO you're looking at cleaning the carbs though.
  8. Looks like a rocker cover locating dowel. A ham fisted top end strip in the past and they've dropped down the camchain tunnel?
  9. SRAD 750 on mine.
  10. What 'Noff said. New pads, seals and fluid, braided line. Done. I wouldn't say it's incredible but it'll lock up with reasonable pressure and that'll do.
  11. Rode back from Manchester to Leeds the other weekend, so not far. Ran fine, however cut out when I got home and on inspection, (the following weekend, earliest opportunity) the battery was totally discharged. It wouldn't take a charge, which I put down to being left discharged. Anyhow... new battery on, bike behaves fine. Went for a short spin, tested battery, still at 13.5v. Great... However, I seem to have acquired a flicker to my lights that's dependent on engine speed.. think of the "small capacity bike ticking over" type thing. All connections are good. Is the reg on its way out? I'm tempted to stick an ammeter in the battery feed to see if it's charging, but the flickering is baffling me.
  12. The red/black and green/black can be ignored. They're connected to the CDI on a stock blandit and allegedly retardignition in the first two gears, or some shit. Do you have +12v to the other side of the lamp so you can actually switch it to ground?
  13. Hmm, I read that as "Are the rest of the engine mounts/plates/bolts the same"?
  14. Allen's performance, that place in Bingham.
  15. Looking for a pair of seat hinges for a 79 GS550. Poking about on parts websites and they look to be a separate part but I can't find any part numbers to compare to other models. Digging round evilbay a few look similar but I'm not convinced. What, if anything else fits? Ta.
  16. Sounds like you've lost a ground connection somewhere.
  17. Nah, pushes the wrong way and the input shaft isn't hollow to take the pushrod from the slave cylinder.
  18. Anyhow, yes you probably could, 2 half windows or something. If people take the time to cut tiny windows into their rocker covers, then it's hardly a stretch. Great fun if you're the sort of person that's entertained by watching the washing machine.
  19. Fink he's on about the 750 slingy with the clutch gubbins in the actual clutch cover.
  20. Aprilia... RSV Mille? And the other one, Tuono.
  21. Actually yeah... that rings a bell now.
  22. How functional it is, I don't know. I'm sure he'll be along shortly...
  23. @clivegtohas a slabby 750 frame with a motor pushing over 250 ponies. I think his frame only has the area in the headstock casting braced. I'll find a pic...
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