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  1. Nelson

    Slabside shock linkage

    Clive, Here’s mine, the wheel’s off the deck
  2. Nelson

    Fork length (1100 slabside)

    Hi Clive 770mm from the middle of the wheel spindle to the top of the fork leg. That's with the frontend off the bike, ie, with no weight on them. Mines an 87, H. hope that helps.
  3. Nelson

    Bandit front discs on GSXR L, M, N & W rim

    Got it ! Thanks
  4. Nelson

    Bandit front discs on GSXR L, M, N & W rim

    Thanks for your quick response Fat Bloke, I might be reading your reply wrong, however, if the offset is more, wouldn’t spacers make it worse. Here’s what my setup looks like. See what I’m at.
  5. Looking for help, Does anyone know if early, Mk 1 bandit front discs, fit on Usd GSXR front rims. At the moment I’ve got the front end off a GSXR 1100 W on my Slabby & I’m after changing the front discs, so the disc hole pattern on the front, matches the back. This is what I’ve got This is what I’m after These discs are off a GSXR 1100 W, very late model & are like hens teeth. Any help, appreciated.
  6. Nelson

    My Slabby lives

    Hi Mac, Have you tried the leds out in the dark yet ? I'm always looking to improving my nightlife & real time experience beats a million forum experts.
  7. Nelson

    GSX 1100 EF Suspension swap

    Hi Zen, What Baldrick says, The 1100 W's are 770mm long, the 1100 M / N are 740 I think. The water cooled were the longest I think & the heaviest of the GSXRs, so that might help with a big heavy EFE. I put some 1100M's on a GSX 1100 & it was decking out very early, had to have them extended by 2 inch to sort it out. I've got some W usds on my Slabby & they work a treat, great tyre choice, great brakes & no more diving. PS. nice bike Rick.
  8. Nelson

    Slabbies and why we need them....

    Simbec, forgot to say, that Slabby of yours is real sharp looking.
  9. Nelson

    Slabbies and why we need them....

    Black wheels, hmmmm How's that.
  10. Nelson

    Best for sale site to look

    Hi Monkey see Eblag now for a Gia framed GSXR. All the best kit, Upperton engine, paintwork, well have a look ! Enjoy.
  11. Yo Dude, I've recently put usd forks & a 17 inch front rim in my Slabby, (also done it on a GSX 1100) On both bykes it made a real difference. The biggest difference is that you get control of the compression damping. When you brake, it stops the forks diving through the floor. But as others say, you do have height differences. I've just measured the distance from the middle of the wheel spindle to the floor for both: Original Slabby wheel is . . . . . . . 305mm 750m wheel is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 295mm So you lose 10mm there. When you measure the length of the forks from the middle of the wheel spindle to the top of the fork leg, excluding the adjusters: Original Slabby fork length . . . . . 765mm I put GSXR 1100W forks in mine because they are the longest I could find & put the clip-ons under the yoke: GSXR1100W fork length . . . . . . . 770mm I found that most of the others, like 1100 M, N & L forks were a lot shorter (740mm). I have no experience fitting them to Slabbies, however when I put the 740mm forks on my GSX it really effected the ground clearance. The stance looked great but it really cramped my style in the corners. I had to have them extended. What I have noticed is the springing in the W forks is much heavier so they hold the bike up better than the original forks. This might be true of the 750 forks but I don't know myself. You pays your money & you makes your choice. Having some sort of compression damping makes a massive improvement & is well worth the hassle. Hope that helps. Anyway, it turns out: length really does matter ! Good luck, Dude.
  12. Nelson

    Carb settings

    Hey, cheers for the offer Dude, however, when I recover from the bill, I think I'll give the 40s a go. In theory there's at least 5 horses in there just for the jetting, maybe more when setup right. Blue, my Slabby has a mild bore in it so its probably very similar to yours. Can't see there being that much difference in the carbs, so if you put a Dyno-jet kit in, the jets can't be that far out. Sorry not to be more help, good luck.
  13. Nelson

    85 GSXR rebuild

    Ps: Cheers Blue, I saw the front end & the straight spoked rear wheel & thought you might have done all the hard work for me. Great bike, any clearer photos ?
  14. Nelson

    85 GSXR rebuild

    So, tight & messy.
  15. Nelson

    85 GSXR rebuild

    If fitting a 5.5 inch rim into a Slabby arm is like making love to a beautiful woman, then, what is fitting a 6 inch rim like ?