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  1. Hi Carlinmidarlin count me in too if your thinking about making a few
  2. Hi SlabsideB12kent, Sorry I never got to the conclusion of my story. Same as you, I found one from a place called Henderson Bearings. It to had the worrying 12mm size. I searched around for ages to find a 13mm one & couldn’t. I to was going to shim it then noticed how baggy the original fit was & thought feck it, if the original one hadn’t moved in 35 years, this one probably wouldn’t either. It’s done 2 & 1/2 thousand miles so far & not fell off yet & the ride feels fecking lush. I changed all the bearings & bushes at the same time, cost a bomb but looking at them I think they were all original. To my shame, it was the first time I took the swing arm off & the ‘grease’ had turned to mud Here’s the place & the bearing Here’s what’s left of the swing arm bearings & bushes. As before, sorry for being a slack arse. Gixer1460 , thanks for your find, I think the grease hole bearing looks like a winner.
  3. These guys do some, https://accbilletengineering.co.za/product/suzuki-gsxr-slingshot-radial-caliper-mounting-bracket-set/ Don’t know if they make any difference, but they do open up a world of callipers
  4. Did you go blind for a bit after your first glance ? They are mega-bright. Fantastic build clivegto !
  5. Cheers Mean, I was lining my ducks up & came across the no bearing thing. I’ve not took it off yet & at that price I thought someone might have done the spade work Askamask, top effort mate, thanks
  6. Help needed. I am trying to replace the bearings in the cushion lever on my 1100 H. However, Robinson's says that the front bearing (the one with the red arrow) is no longer available, please see picture below. My question is; is this a weird Japanese bearing or is it a standard size, easily obtainable from any good bearing supplier. Or put it another way; Can I smash it out & replace it with locally sourced one ? Or Do I have to leave it alone & just gently caress it with a well lubricated digit ? Ps, even if it is available, 83.00 quid Regards Nelson
  7. What Clivegto said. I wanted the ’proper’ analog clocks you get on Slabbies However . . . . . . .
  8. @Captain ChaosI had, had a look at the charging mod thing in the past & none of our wiring is getting any younger, but I figured nah, feck it, more horse horses / better handling, etc. No disrespect, just not sexy enough. However, there's nothing sexy about bump starting a fecking heavy motorcycle, in 32 degree heat, in full gear, on a narrow solid white line system, country lane. Suzuki say, So I'm 0.3 above what they 'think'. The garage is like something from 'Cool-hand Luke, night in the box', see previous sentence about pushing. So the meter says. Ignition on, bike not running Battery terminal 12.7v Red wire at connector block 12.7v Orange wire at connector block 12.65v Ignition & lights on, byke not running Battery terminal 12.0v Red wire at terminal 12.0v Orange wire at terminal block 11.76v The 14.8v could be cause the wiring loses 0.3v going around the wires, 14.5 plus the 0.3, etc. I'll do the mod thing & post it up .
  9. @Captain Chaos, it is a bit on the high side. It’s in the unofficial 14 to 15 volt range, the dudes at Suzuki give a top value of 14.5. I’ll power up the meter & let you know what’s what.
  10. So I thought I'd give @Simbec1863idea a go, ordered the brushes from Wemoto & they were dropped off by Postie in less than 18 hours. At first I didn't think they were 'pre-curved', but they are, pictures not the best. Got busy with my ironing To stop the brush springing out, tied the extra long lead wire around the fixing whilst I soldered them on. Shoved it all back together, Result. That had to be one of the easiest & cheapest fixes of all time. Thanks for all the suggestions & help, special shout-out to @wraith& @Simbec1863 Cheers boys.
  11. @Simbec1863 I just found the same ones at Wemoto. I unsoldered the old brushes out pretty easy & reckon I could re-solder the new ones in , did you do this & did it go alright. Did the brushes work ok. 25 quid’s a sweet deal
  12. Hi guys, Think I've found the culprit, the brushes are well below minimum Did the tests without having to take the bearing off & used the battery like you said @Simbec1863 here's a shot of what there supposed to look like Priced them up at Robinsons & I got it wrong at the first look, they're actually about 75 quid so I might go with what@wraith reckons, loads on the bay. Thanks for all the replies & help I was proper not happy but it's now safe for the family to mither me again, I'll let you know when it's fixed Cheers
  13. Thanks Wraith. I've checked the positive supply & the orange load wires in the loom & they seem ok, so I'm pretty sure it's the gennie, hopefully get time to take it out today & have a look. Is there any difference in output between the 600 & 1200 ? Twin headlight or singles if you know what I mean. Just looked on Eblag, there's loads to go at. Cheers Wraith, you really have made my day, I owe you one. Nelson
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