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  1. What Clivegto said. I wanted the ’proper’ analog clocks you get on Slabbies However . . . . . . .
  2. @Captain ChaosI had, had a look at the charging mod thing in the past & none of our wiring is getting any younger, but I figured nah, feck it, more horse horses / better handling, etc. No disrespect, just not sexy enough. However, there's nothing sexy about bump starting a fecking heavy motorcycle, in 32 degree heat, in full gear, on a narrow solid white line system, country lane. Suzuki say, So I'm 0.3 above what they 'think'. The garage is like something from 'Cool-hand Luke, night in the box', see previous sentence about pushing. So the meter says.
  3. @Captain Chaos, it is a bit on the high side. It’s in the unofficial 14 to 15 volt range, the dudes at Suzuki give a top value of 14.5. I’ll power up the meter & let you know what’s what.
  4. So I thought I'd give @Simbec1863idea a go, ordered the brushes from Wemoto & they were dropped off by Postie in less than 18 hours. At first I didn't think they were 'pre-curved', but they are, pictures not the best. Got busy with my ironing To stop the brush springing out, tied the extra long lead wire around the fixing whilst I soldered them on. Shoved it all back together, Result. That had to be one of the easiest & cheapest fixes of all time. Thanks for all the suggestions & help, special shout-out to @wra
  5. @Simbec1863 I just found the same ones at Wemoto. I unsoldered the old brushes out pretty easy & reckon I could re-solder the new ones in , did you do this & did it go alright. Did the brushes work ok. 25 quid’s a sweet deal
  6. Hi guys, Think I've found the culprit, the brushes are well below minimum Did the tests without having to take the bearing off & used the battery like you said @Simbec1863 here's a shot of what there supposed to look like Priced them up at Robinsons & I got it wrong at the first look, they're actually about 75 quid so I might go with what@wraith reckons, loads on the bay. Thanks for all the replies & help I was proper not happy but it's now safe for the family to mither me again, I'll let you know when it's fixed
  7. Thanks Wraith. I've checked the positive supply & the orange load wires in the loom & they seem ok, so I'm pretty sure it's the gennie, hopefully get time to take it out today & have a look. Is there any difference in output between the 600 & 1200 ? Twin headlight or singles if you know what I mean. Just looked on Eblag, there's loads to go at. Cheers Wraith, you really have made my day, I owe you one. Nelson
  8. Cheers Wraith, All oil cooled gennies are the same, it's just the drive cog on the end, That's great news, thanks Wraith
  9. Hi Simbec, I am hoping it's the brushes, the're kinda consumables & a reasonable price. Once you can get at everything it doesn't sound to difficult, however, what do you use as a variable DC supply, I don't have that kinda thing lying about. I might have to throw myself at everyones mercy.
  10. Thanks for the reply say what now!?, yeah I've never had problems either. Looking in the manual the Rec / Reg lives under the end cover but all connections are solder on. It looks like I should be able to get to most of the important bits with a fair bit of messing about, hopefully. I was just hoping someone had experience & could point me in the right direction. Cheers.
  11. Hi guys, Was out in the Yorkshire wilds when the bike started running rough & died, first time ever. Tried to start it & the starter not turning, dash lights dimming & tacko going weird, like a flat battery. Turned everything off, bumped it (not fun in 25 degrees) & nursed it home. Charged it up when I got home & the battery took hours to get fully charged, like a flat battery. Checked the battery with the bike switched off, 12.9 volts Fired it up & the meter shows 12.7v at idle & increasing the rev's to 3500 makes no difference. P
  12. That’s gonna look real nice !
  13. Looks like a propa old skool fighta, great build
  14. Hi again I said I'd do a follow-up when I fitted the spacer things for real, so here goes. These are going in a set of 38s from a GSXR 750, M I think, the power jet ones. They have a Dyno-jet kit in them (don't all start hating, didn't know about the other kits available at the time) & they have been set up on a dyno for fine tuning. So to start with I measured the standard height / lean. Pretty bad that. Quick shot to show how they compare up. However, when I fitted them in, the needle didn't stick out the same. Bit s
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