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  1. Yup, me and Billybird will be over, and would be cool to meet up for some food ;-)
  2. They did that at the last Bike Shed show - had a room dedicated to them...
  3. Feel. Weight. Parts needed are clutch perch, cable, appropriate sprocket cover (B6 as an example) and pushrod. Job jobbed.
  4. Ooh, that's a difficult one... Anglesey is an awesome track, and I'd like to try it on the SV (just old enough), but Melbourne is closer...
  5. Hmmm.... I'm wondering whether a road trip could be in order...
  6. If you really want to beat your previous best Bandit time, then keep it as a drag bike, and if necessary get a different bike for the road ;-) a bit more fettling and you should be able to get below 10.3 ;-)
  7. No probs fella, is it built yet?...
  8. I have several, somewhere... but no idea of what they're from.... what's the spindle size?
  9. Unfaired please. Keep the look that it had before its holiday...
  10. The website says that this event has been cancelled... :-(
  11. You don't have to drill the engine mount on the frame if you don't want to, you could sleeve the mount on the engine instead if you want to keep the frame as stock - I believe copper pipe can be used for tat. And I didn't need to take the sump off the B12 engine I fitted into my 750 Slabby, it went in complete, but only from one side (err, the left if i remember correctly), and the cam cover came off easy enough for valve clearances.
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