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  1. You don't have to drill the engine mount on the frame if you don't want to, you could sleeve the mount on the engine instead if you want to keep the frame as stock - I believe copper pipe can be used for tat. And I didn't need to take the sump off the B12 engine I fitted into my 750 Slabby, it went in complete, but only from one side (err, the left if i remember correctly), and the cam cover came off easy enough for valve clearances.
  2. Get rid of the EBC plates and fit genuine Suzuki ones. Aftermarket plates are notoriously bad in these motors.
  3. "Flanges"...
  4. The search function is, indeed, a wonderful thing.
  5. Gotta be worth it then. After all, if OSS isn't all about chasing that last two tenths of fuck all, what is it about?...
  6. So, the crux of the matter is getting heat out of certain components, rather than preventing heat getting in. ie remving heat from the plenum, and not blocking heat from the block from warming it (as an example). Which leads me to question why so many people have polished up-pipes from the turbo to plenum?...
  7. Wat? You Inspector Fookin' Gadget or summat?...
  8. I guess that depends on what the matt black actually is. If it's powdercoat then it'll not dissipate anywhere near as much as a non-painted one. And I agree in that matt black looks shite ;-) When I was still on SF I had a tech article planned in which I had several identical pieces of aluminium painted, polished, chromed, coated etc, and then heated them all up to the same temp, and measured which one lost the most heat. And then the mag folded so I never bothered...
  9. I reckon there'd be no noticeable difference, much like adding the carb sield to an NA bike I guess...
  10. So, wide awake at 2am and I get to thinking... We know that forced induction increases the temperature of the inlet charge, which is why people fit intercoolers, charge coolers and water injection. So, with that in mind, what is the best finish for the plenum chamber? A polished plenum will reflect heat from the engine, but will also retain any heat built up in the plenum material. A satin finish will soak up radiated heat but will also radiate eat from itself better than the polished one. Powdercoating the plenum will be like covering it in a blanket and keep it hot.
  11. With Clive's pics and dimensions, and the pics in the Projects section, you should be able to construct a plenum to fit your carbs that should (note, 'should') fit your bke when it is all back together. But don;t blame us if it doesn't! :-) might be easier to just make up the plate to fit the carbs, and then wait until you have the engine in frame etc...
  12. Is everyone missing the obvious here? Surely the biggest bore on a GS1000 is Cockney Rick?...
  13. I had a pair of 750 ones chromed a few years ago, but they never got fitted to an engine, and I don't know where they are now anyway... #lostintheshed
  14. zedhead


    Nice idea with the drain tubes, would make for a good aftermarket part if someone (ahem) was prepared to make a batch...
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