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Just bought a 1979 250 X7 that has been partly restored just needs the decals putting on. I have been after a Suzuki 2 stroke twin for ages but the prices people wanting for them was always out of my reach until now

It has a set of micron zorsts and a Giuliari saddle on it and is in very nice all round condition and it's red.

Now I want to put wider wheels on it , has anyone done this and could give me a few ideas or starting points. I was thinking of bandit 400 front and back ends and see what happens. I dont want to machine, weld or cut any of the x7 as I want to be able to put it back to standard whenever I want.

Think i might have a bit of a job on my hands but if anyone has any info or experience of doing this could you let me know.

I give £900 for it and seeing what has sold on eblag over the last few months I have quite a bargain apparently.


I will put up some pics later


Now some pics of it. looks a rather fetching pink in the photos but it is not it is red its just how it came out in the pics. Brand spankers new front fender to go on, headlight rim, and a few other bits. The mirrors are incredibly arse as they were when they first came out and will not be going on.

First job is to get up to MOT standard and start using it and develop it as it is used. First on the agenda will be wider wheels. then the rest of the restoration and no it wont be anorak resto not into that bullshit but it will be able with a few hours work returned to standard used condition should I sell it further down the track






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I put a bit of a shine on the forks just to tart them up a bit. I have ended up stripping the bike completely and the frame and arm are off being blasted and coated, only the parts of the frame you could see had been painted the rest was shite.

I took a look in the engine as I noticed the two stroke oil tank was dry and what a surprise there was waiting for me the oil had migrated to the crank cases as in the photo. nice.

Also the reeds did not cover the slots in the reed block and there was a score in the left hand barrel. So they are off to be rebored and 1mm over size piston kits ordered.

So thats it everthing else checked out ok.

So much for putting an mot on it and using it. will start being put back together at the weekend



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As it is at the moment, not a lot done as plans were interrupted by work and being on call (shit) Bores have been done and head skimmed. Have started to put the bike back together but not a lot of progress due to feckin work getting in the way with play time. I have primed the wheels but they need a bit more. Paint is here grey primer and satin black.

On call at work until Thursday morning and Friday off so will be burning the midnight oil on Thursday to catch up and get the engine back together and get the bike back up on it's wheels.

Can anyone suggest a good tough satin clear lacquer in aerosol form to put on the wheels ?




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Oooo just spotted this ... following. Damn I loved my mates X7 - it felt so quick compared to anything I had ridden to that point. Of course it self destructed and we rebuilt it ... then weekend after weekend set to wit ha file on the ports. We were convinced we were making it faster LOL ... it eventually had that , "classic for the period" sound with some allspeeds and a proper port job. That sound went something like ....  bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr [fx change down gear]  blaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr [Fx:change down gear again] braaahhh braaaahhh braaaaahhhhh

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Its been a while since I have been on the site but back now. The X7 is finished and been on the road for a couple of months now and for a tiddler 250 it rips up the road at a fair old pace. 

During the resto mod the tank chucked up a massive surprise, 12mm deep filler on the top of it and numerous dents containing filler all over the other places. I though it was a lost cause beyond repair. One place quoted £800 ex vat to sort it, get fooked i thought to that. I found a place nearby that quoted me £400 for the tank repair, welded on pins and pulled the dents out as much as possible and used just a skim of filler to flatten it out. The price also included painting the panels and tail piece, fitting the supplied graphics and a nice few coats of lacquer to finish it off. Damn fine job was done too.

I also had to make my own torque arm for the back brake out of one from a gn250 that I had to shorten. I put a chrome chain guard on it off of a gn125 just had to cut a bit off it and it fitted straight on.

A few photos of during the build to the finished bike attached

I have discovered that riding the X7 like you stole it is big fuggin fun













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Ive been waiting for a good old x7 to turn up for a while, looks great, im waiting for my chrome stuff to come back and mine will be finished.  mine is also the fastest colour (red)!

will agree with you about the fuel tanks, i have four and only one good one... they are like tissue paper!!


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Had a 1980 model that i used to tear up & down Blackrock Sands, back in the day when beaches were for bikes :) 

Fell off it 3 times in 10 days, before i realised it had a bent frame! 

Bought in bits for a £100, sold it complest(ish) for £100! Thought i'd got a result, but kicking myself now :( 

And shame is no pics anywhere of it, although i still remember the Reg: PTU 570V  o.O


And it was......... RED :) 

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white ones were quicker! :P cause i had one! hahahaha. oooh the memories and smell.  ported and spannies. ran it on bel-ray oil, wheeled everywhere and always started first or second kick. loved new plugs every other week. never missed a beat. So wished i kept-ed that one! Me envy you all. :tu

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37 minutes ago, Madb said:

white ones were quicker! :P cause i had one! hahahaha. oooh the memories and smell.  ported and spannies. ran it on bel-ray oil, wheeled everywhere and always started first or second kick. loved new plugs every other week. never missed a beat. So wished i kept-ed that one! Me envy you all. :tu

My mate mark had a white one and youre right it was faster than my red one, there again i was 6ft 3in and fourteen stone and he was about 5ft 5in and nine stone. That may have been the reason!

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