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  1. You suggested in your opening post that you have traced the problem to the carb rubbers not sealing, by purchasing new ones can we assume you've eliminated that issue??? What was your original process of elimination? Would it be worth re checking everything again? Sometimes even the most able amongst us (I'm certainly nowhere near that standard btw) can get bamboozled by a problem and overlook the obvious. Just an observation so don't take offence. Good luck.
  2. Fair play bud you go well on that, looks like you had fun in the great weekend weather. I only live 30 miles away from Anglesey circuit but had a load of family stuff on the weekend looked like a great event, gutted I didn't make it, off to the TT this week so couldn't push my luck. Thanks for the posts
  3. Tastiest RF I've ever seen, I can recall a build thread somewhere from years gone by, love this. Was this build thread on the old Oss site?
  4. I had an '89 1100k about ten years ago. Maxton suspension did the cartridge kits at the time, quite pricey but made the world of difference. I'm sure there will be others. http://www.maxtonsuspension.co.uk
  5. +1 on what @Gixer1460said, I thought they were freely available.
  6. Thanks for that, looks really nice mate. Saw it on your profile pic but wasn't sure if it was a 1000.
  7. @denisdany pics of the above? If already posted I apologize.
  8. Cheers Tony it did seem odd to have that amount of play. I have a couple of GT250X7's and the sprockets do have play in them but they're not carrying so much weight or power I suppose.
  9. Ordered a 530 conversion for the above during the first lockdown but only got round to fitting it this week. Had to return the first front sprocket that was sent as it was for a Kawasaki FFS, shit happens! Problem I have is that I had the correct item delivered today and fitted it along with 5mm spacer provided and locking washer, with the nut fully tightened there's still 2mm of side play, is this ok or am I missing something?
  10. Haven't got that bike anymore @Bongo_Hbut a quick search came up with this, matches the code that you have so looks promising.
  11. I had a hagon fitted to my old GSX1100EF (GS1150 on your side of the Atlantic) providing you purchase one for that model it will be a direct fitment I would have thought, owing to that models popularity in the USA and Canada there would be aftermarket shock absorber manufacturers in that part of the world producing direct fitment alternatives. Having said that my hagon shock did the trick for the reasonable price paid.
  12. I asked the very same question about 18 months ago as I wanted to detain the original shock. I'll give you the same answer that came my way, find the nearest bin or skip and throw it in. Lots of alternatives on the market for different budgets.
  13. Well that's some intro after nearly four years of signing up. Why did you keep that stunner under wraps for so long? Lots of places providing the services that you are after, I'm sure someone on here will recommend soon. Also take a look at the traders section. Welcome.
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