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  1. Just to add, the swingarm bolt diameter is 20mm (99% sure).
  2. Did you mean 23cm not mm? The swingarm is 230mm across the pivot, approx 235mm with the end caps included. Hope this is what you need?
  3. Don't quite know what you're missing on you're panel tried to get some pics. The round tabs are approx 12.5mm dia X 12.5mm from the base of the mounting post. I'm assuming you have the mounting posts intact. If you need any more info let me know. Have you tried pattern panels?
  4. Looks sweet that, that "S" nose fairing really suits it, nice idea
  5. Go for it coz if you don't somebody else will
  6. Good work looks like a different pipe already
  7. I dont think the pipers were stainless banoffee, just old fashioned badly chromed steel. Athough i must admit those downpipes do resemble stainless.
  8. Hi Paul, depends on what finish you're looking for? Looks quite far gone in the pics. Personally if I were just tidying up to get roadworthy I'd give it a good wire brushing followed by rubbing down with wet and dry, then a few coats of heat resistant paint. I used to have a Piper on my ET when I was a youth, haven't seen one for donkeys years. Nice gsx BTW
  9. Thanks blubber, I'll check them when I get a chance, I assume it's an easy fix? The guy I bought it off was under the impression that the restriction was camshafts. He was led to believe the owner before him had derestricted it by fitting UK cams, gave me some cams (German model????)with a few spares that he had. Now I know otherwise.
  10. I get the idea Joseph, thanks for the input but it still doesn't solve the issue of me walking like Bambi after a ten mile ride..
  11. Great idea captain, just one problem with your plan. That bike is living in my lads unit (temporary arrangement) with several boxes of gt250x7 parts. As for my garage/sheds/lockup, have you seen them cartoons when the structures are so full of life's stuff, mainly bikes and parts, they're bulging under the pressure? That's where I am. That's it, no more I've got to Well, until I buy more sheds..
  12. Thanks, my thoughts as well. Opinions are devided when it comes to oss, some will say leave it as it is then there's the rip it to bits side! I'm a bit in the middle so I always end up cofususing myself
  13. Just to add, the original and main reason for going with the 1100 motor route was it's a German import therefore restricted power. Does anyone know where they build in the restrictions for this model pls? As I've said I'd rather keep it as close to original as poss so if it's easy enough to de restrict I'll stick with the 750 for the time being mainly due to the fact I've got so much other shit on the go to last me a lifetime. Cheers.
  14. Evening all, managed to bag this little gem a couple of weeks ago with a plan to throw an 1100 motor in it. Trouble is I've had a good look at it and to be honest it's pretty standard give or take a few minor bits so I'm in two minds about pulling stuff apart. On top of that is the fact I had a sit on it when I got it home, as you do, Christ it's cramped for my 57 year old 6ft 3, 15 stone frame, thought I'd dislocated my hip.. had one when I was 35 seemed comfy enough then. So for the foreseeable I'll tidy up a few bits, clean the carbs( usual problem) then see if I shrink by ne
  15. Thanks dezza, I now recall they were exclusive to the gsxr motor. Does anyone remember bills spondon on news at ten in about 1985??? They even interviewed him. It was introduced as the fastest motorcycle on earth
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