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  1. Just remind us again why you're called no class??
  2. Hi Steve, pretty sure the 750d was the first model so that would make it a '77 model year.
  3. Same here, I bought a 750 side panel for my 1100H seems to fit fine.
  4. That's bloody gorgeous mate, makes me want to kick myself up the arse and drag my ET out. Any chance of posting some more pics please?
  5. The swingarm on my 1100h was in a right state so I had it chrome powder coated, it's not that far off and it's hard wearing it certainly ain't chrome! All depends how original you want it to look?
  6. Thanks dorkburger that's a lot of complicated parts there, l think I'll just mask it off to respray them.
  7. If thats the case i assume that stud on the top is pressed on then? That only makes me more determind to get it off! Thanks for the tip.
  8. Don't want to force it off so has any of you good people know how to remove the cap off the anti dive unit please? cheers
  9. Very nice, quite a few hours gone into that. how long did it take you?
  10. eddiegsx

    Hi There

    Bear with us mouse... the jokes dont improve but the sarcasm and piss takin are legendary!!!!
  11. eddiegsx

    Hi There

    Hi mouse, how about a couple of photos before you start your mods? Cheers.
  12. Pig to photograph but try this, rhs peg from underneath. There are small locating pins on the springs that locate on the hanger in the same hole. The spring look like they hook over the top of the footpeg. Hope this helps.
  13. Are you looking for the photos for the springs for the rear brake pedal/master cylinder/ brakelight switch?
  14. Seventies style endurance lights, obviously im a bit more long in the tooth, i like em!
  15. How can anyone not think its beautiful? whats not to like?
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