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  1. I remember seeing a stretched EZ on the road in an old American bike mag, it was different but over the years these have slowly crept up on me. This one is my personal favourite.
  2. Welcome @BoxerMax My advice would be to purchase a genuine factory manual, best money you'll ever spend when putting your bike together. They come up for sale on those auction sites all the time. Do you have any pics to share with us?
  3. To quote the great captain mainwaring, well done that man I was waiting for someone to spot that.
  4. As the man said, EF bottom end and I suspect from that angle what looks like a 1135 block, as the ET block has slightly more rounded corners. Cylinder head is ET/EX. To answer your question I wouldn't be disappointed with any of the air cooled 1100 lumps. EF engine pictured.
  5. @Elimaxthere's hope! This looks the part. Apologies for the poor pic quality.
  6. @Dezzastumped me too ! @wraithyou missed a trick there, you made more room in the skip so in all reasonable thinking it was they who should've given you the £50, cheeky bastards. There again, that's business as they all tell us.
  7. Apologies @RuaanI was making assumptions as it's not uncommon on this forum for our style of direct wit and general piss taking can sometimes be taken to heart by more sensitive souls, but it's all harmless fun, (well, most of the time it is). Hope you sort the issues with the carbs welcome
  8. Holy shit! How the fuck didn't he/she see not see what was goin on? You're one very lucky (or unlucky) man, hope you're ok?
  9. Could never fathom why new posters ask a question then just disappear without a trace, even if they don't like us at least have the decency to tell us to fuck off!
  10. @wraithIf you're refering to certain z1300 rear wheels from way back I can confirm that you weren't seeing things, personally I think the old standard wheels with widened rims would look quite trick, after all we all try to keep our bikes different so I'm with @Elimax
  11. eddiegsx

    Stafford 2022

    @zedheada man with an extensive knowledge of bar locations, at least we'll know where to find you.
  12. I make it approximately 50mm shorter than stock, I know that's a hell of a lot but in my mind you would think this would quicken the steering but as I said it felt vague, almost lazy!
  13. Coincidence that you mention ' weird ' handling following a mess about with the arse end, I raised the rear on mine and I'm experiencing only what I can describe as vague handling that I can't really fathom. Despite having an onlins shock that I've played with. Also I have a gsxr1000k1 front end which may be an issue? Just can't tell. Now in the process of going back to a standard setup and leave it alone.
  14. You suggested in your opening post that you have traced the problem to the carb rubbers not sealing, by purchasing new ones can we assume you've eliminated that issue??? What was your original process of elimination? Would it be worth re checking everything again? Sometimes even the most able amongst us (I'm certainly nowhere near that standard btw) can get bamboozled by a problem and overlook the obvious. Just an observation so don't take offence. Good luck.
  15. Fair play bud you go well on that, looks like you had fun in the great weekend weather. I only live 30 miles away from Anglesey circuit but had a load of family stuff on the weekend looked like a great event, gutted I didn't make it, off to the TT this week so couldn't push my luck. Thanks for the posts
  16. Tastiest RF I've ever seen, I can recall a build thread somewhere from years gone by, love this. Was this build thread on the old Oss site?
  17. I had an '89 1100k about ten years ago. Maxton suspension did the cartridge kits at the time, quite pricey but made the world of difference. I'm sure there will be others. http://www.maxtonsuspension.co.uk
  18. +1 on what @Gixer1460said, I thought they were freely available.
  19. Thanks for that, looks really nice mate. Saw it on your profile pic but wasn't sure if it was a 1000.
  20. @denisdany pics of the above? If already posted I apologize.
  21. Cheers Tony it did seem odd to have that amount of play. I have a couple of GT250X7's and the sprockets do have play in them but they're not carrying so much weight or power I suppose.
  22. Ordered a 530 conversion for the above during the first lockdown but only got round to fitting it this week. Had to return the first front sprocket that was sent as it was for a Kawasaki FFS, shit happens! Problem I have is that I had the correct item delivered today and fitted it along with 5mm spacer provided and locking washer, with the nut fully tightened there's still 2mm of side play, is this ok or am I missing something?
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