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  1. Good fun these WR and WP's aren't they, had mine nearly 10 years now and I'm still finding odd 'excentricities' every time something needs fixing......
  2. the middle screw is a pain to get to mind, I took an old screw driver and bent the shaft to a roughly 45 Deg angle, then I could adjust the middle screw to balance between 1+2 and 3+4. If you haven't got the workshop manual its worth getting it, was really useful for stuff like this.
  3. Try calling Black Widow Exhausts, they list early Gsxr 750 exhausts so may do the first gen 600 too?
  4. Hi all, my back is getting a bit crap these days so I'm toying with putting flat bars on my Gsxr. I've got a top yolk off that site ready fitted with clamps and I'm just looking at drag bars, as I don't want it up and beg position, just a bit less foetal . I'm going to convert the top fairing to suit ( got an old one sitting around as donor to be chopped around) but I'm wondering about cables and brake lines etc. I'm expecting to have to get custom Hel brake lines, but what about throttle cables and clutch cables. I reckon I can use another bikes cables but which one? Its got to be easier to o
  5. Agree with @Madb , use NGK cr9e too. Cost of Iridium plugs not worth the extra dosh on a standard road bike.
  6. This is real useful for me too, I'm planning on doing the Rf900/ 750 head mod myself when time and funds allow, so i'm taking notes....
  7. It might be the photo, but to me the bars look like they could do with being rolled back a bit? Then again I only ride a sports bike , I might know fuck all ......
  8. yep, looks 'bleddy 'Ansum' as we say in Cornwall
  9. Hi and welcome, do like a good 1100 to drool over
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