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  1. Anybody have dimensions handy for Bandit 12 solid engine mount spacers please?
  2. Brilliant Just what I was looking for. Thanks fella.
  3. After baseline wheelbase and gearing for the Bulldog? Stock Bandit 12 in Slabby 750 frame with stretched swingarm, no fairing, for now. No idea where to start and want to save time and money. Ta
  4. Pegleg

    Fuckin motor

    Is the fuel in the tank fresh? Doesn't like sitting too long. I've been there. Had similar problem on Trumpet I bought cheap. Previous service invoice showed tappet shims had been done. Cam timing was out.
  5. But is the welder a bird shit dispenser, or can you weld?
  6. Raask are a bit crap really. Sorry. The build quality is dire. Tarozzi are much better, be in the same place as the rocking horse shit. Make some adapter plates to take late model GSXR items.
  7. While its idling spray carb cleaner around the inlets. If idle increases noticeably you have an intake leak.
  8. Welcome back. One of my favourite builds from the old site.
  9. Pegleg


    Fuck me! That's stunning. Gonna print that off for the cave for inspiration.
  10. Pegleg

    Brake caliper

    Failing that it is possible to bleed the brakes without cracking the bleed nipple.
  11. Pegleg

    Brake caliper

    Need to get it much hotter than you think. I'd imagine the caliper is probably overdue a strip and service. Strip it right out and then you can heat it properly without melting the seals.
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