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  1. That is really lush, as already said, can we have some more pics please. Really like that
  2. Yours is far from bland tho
  3. Brownie points for it being his first build, he's done a great job.
  4. Great skills, looking good
  5. Always a pleasure to look at your bikes. Built to use in anger too, not just for show n shine purposes
  6. What a beauty, were do you find this stuff!!!!
  7. And not a football match in sight ..................... Just Tony, grass tracking ..
  8. gray711


    I had one years ago & loved it, great bikes
  9. Shit you're right, shit, where's the time gone
  10. Mcmental defining 'one man tent'. This was at the '09 do I think
  11. Haha ...... Great photos, good times
  12. If you don't want to go down the drilling route then I do believe a Kwak zx10r sprocket nut (can I mention that??) has an integrated sensor. Can't remember which years mind ....
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