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  1. My TLS has had a bit of an overhaul. 1080cc motor, PC5 and a custom map, New forks, yokes, wheels, brakes and chain & sprockets. Its as mad as a box of frogs! Love it....
  2. Hahaha.... That was 11 years ago ffs...... let it go!!!
  3. Dunno about all that shit... I’m only communucating what I read in CCM yesterday! There may have been FI for earlier bikes but was it digital? Ive no idea!
  4. The TL was the first bike to receive Digital Fuel Injection I read yesterday!
  5. I’m 99.99% certain that’s the 1997 TL1000S 1st Gen, pre-recall ECU I’m afraid!
  6. TLS has an Oil Cooler and the take-offs are on the left and right side of the oil filter housing. TLR has a water cooled heat exchanger that sits directly between the oil filter and the crank cases, it has 2 x pipes protruding. The crankcases where on the TLS the oil cooler take-offs would be should be undrilled on the TLR.
  7. Post a pic of the Oil filter area of your engine. Can tell you if it’s an S or an R motor from that.
  8. You can plug in a TRE into that which helps with the running... TLS rubber manifolds are smaller than the TLR units, good luck getting the screws out too, they’re more than often seized and made from cheese so a good whack to shock the threads and some penetrating oil helps. TLS throttle bodies had only 1 injector per inlet where as TLR has 2 per pot, they’re also independent with the second injector coming into play as and when required for additional fuelling so using TLR throttle bodies and ECU with a TLS loom won’t work. You’ll need a TLR main loom if you want to use them. I
  9. Hi Ted, I removed the diffused lens and fitted HID Projectors and replaced the lens with a clear item. I do them for the TL guys head over time the TL1000UK Facebook page.
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