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    Yep, 750G with 1127 motor
  2. Turned out nice eh! When I very first built my slabby, its shakedown run was to the Preston party from down here south coast way. Nothing broke, fell off & a tube of silicon came in super handy for a leaky cooler pipe. 2nd build shakedown was to the Rocester do (there's a theme here, deadlines ............) & only the end can fell off. Ok neither were racing round Donny but you'll be fine ......
  3. Thank you, unfortunately it's sat under a layer of dust at the moment....
  4. Dare I say it but Yamahaha forks are generally longer. I had a a set of FZR USD's in my GS 750 which kept the front at a good height. Guess it depends on what spec of forks you want. A stepped top yoke is always an option with shorter forks.
  5. IIRC, Don't think the standard one fits. I ended up making one out of 6 mm stainless bar. It was quite a few years back that I did it & my memory is pretty shite ...... I believe you can also add a s/s ball bearing behind push rod (clutch end) to make up the length (oooerrrr) if you're original is too short.
  6. Ain't rust is the new black ......... Its a talking point - as if this beauty hasn't got enough talking points already!!
  7. Btw, can anyone help out with getting a number off the original bearing or some measurements. Would be hugely grateful ta.
  8. Cool, thanks for the heads up .....
  9. Can only see a set for the suspension linkage on there, shall give them a call though.. Yeah that's my back up plan. Cheers folks
  10. Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative to the £40 Suzuki price tag for a rear shock lower eye bearing? It's a 750G. I sacked the original shock off years ago so haven't got any measurements to go by either... My own lower eye was shocked when i saw that price ...... Cheers
  11. The whole linkage/ knuckle affair is different. Slingy's use dog bones too which the slabby doesn't. Have a look on parts diagrams you'll see the differences for yourself
  12. Nice little article on soup .... http://www.superbikeplanet.com/image/2015/motogp/INDY/86/
  13. Mark, do you mean exhaust craft? Wasn't he a member on here or old site? Agreed tho, Racefit are rather bloody tasty ....
  14. Was speaking to Tony (Cosmo) the other week & he mentioned he was using a later arm in his slabby. Curious to know how he solved the linkage issue, he said he cut the front off both arms & welded the slabby front to the later arm, thus keeping the slabby linkage & pivot set up as is.
  15. That's a beautiful thing to have in your garage
  16. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere looking good Ash
  17. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong but 1127's are '89 onwards I do believe .......
  18. Glad to be able to help matey
  19. Swinging arm pivot is the same on both (I've had both arms in my 750) @ 235mm with end caps. Linkage pivot is 45mm on both arms. 750 arm length centre to centre is @ 570mm (750G) My 11 arm is extended so can't give you a true measurement on that. I know you said linkages later but forgive me, I'm on a roll...the bearing set up is different on each linkage. The 11 has a bearing in the eccentric bit of the linkage as opposed to it being on the 'ears of the arm' on the 750. Trusty exploded diagrams will explain 750 arm 1100 arm 750 linkage 1100 linkage Hope that helps you out
  20. Will the different linkage set up not cause issues/ swearing/ throwing spanners?
  21. looking great .... Did you ever get your k2 clocks working in the end? Randomly stumbled across a build thread of yours on overclockers the other week whilst waiting to pick my lad up from train station....... Fortunately his train was very delayed
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