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  1. Possibly need to remove to get the crankcase bolt out ( left one in pic ) Yes they always round off as there made of cheese . I normally get a chisel and put a notch in it then tap it round .
  2. There is several things you can have a look at to try to eliminate the problem. As stated the fuel pressure has to be set to 1 - 2 psi at idle otherwise the carbs will flood. The return line back to the tank needs to be at least as big if not bigger than the supply . Make sure you haven't got dyno jet springs in the carbs as there weaker than stock . Have you got a dump valve fitted ? If not I would fit one . As regard to jet sizes , the size and design of the pitot tube to the area of the boost pipe will have an affect on the size of main jet you run . Too small a p
  3. My bandit (1340 turbo ) has a couple of pipes off the clutch cover and one off the cam cover box that then go to a catch tank under the seat . There is a bit of smoke come out when the engine has been used hard and is hot .
  4. normally just have a round tube coming off the plenum and then the hose takes up the slight difference in shape . i assemble the pair together on the bench then fit to the engine as one unit .
  5. bandit 12 has a runner bolted on the cover for the hy-vo chain .
  6. I would balance the carbs with some vac gauges as it sound like no1 is slightly behind the rest.
  7. Yes all the oil cooled yoshi cams are like that. Mine have been installed 15 odd years now and still look like new.
  8. colinworth79


    Yes looking that way ,Cullinoc on here is the frame after mine No 14 from later 2011 . 007 and 013 been missed out .
  9. colinworth79


    Looking really nice , there is still some work to be done but will be worth the time and effort . You wont see many GIA frames about my bandit frame is number 12 and that was made back in 2011 .
  10. Bandit 1200 straight spoke and fit.
  11. Thanks for the info and help. Now I know what Im lookin for. Yes the later straight spoke are slightly different, the disc side bearing sit slightly further out. I will take my wheel out at some point and just check the sprocket carrier. I think it has 6 spokes going to the drive rubbers. The 4.5 rim has 5.
  12. The small pipe is for a dump valve.
  13. Right I'm lookin to get a spare rear for my 750 L. Now I've read on here slingshot rear's vary between models and different 750 /1100. I want to get another wheel I can just swap when I drag race the old girl (1216 FI turbo lump) and don't want to have extra sprocket carriers and spares ect. How can I tell differences if any? Thanks Colin
  14. As mentioned above 1100 and 750 are different. Easiest way to tell a 750 side panel or top fairing is where they bolt together there is only 2 bolts. The 1100 ones have 3.
  15. Different oil cooled engines run different gear ratios to run the oil pump. Bandit 12 motor runs the biggest size gear on the back of the clutch. No point in trying to overspeed the pump or increase the pressure. I've run my bandit for 12 years with the addition of oil going to supply the turbo bearing and it works fine.
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