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  1. You don't mention the return to the tank? Needs to be bigger bore than the feed pipe and must be above the fuel level. On my bandit 12 I removed the fuel sender and made a plate. Fpr I took off off the plenum but it's not going to affect anything at low revs like the problem you have at the moment.
  2. As meanbean said above I would go 81mm 1216 on a turbo engine as the cylinder pressure is going to be more. I ran 1246 on a bandit motor for a few years no probs but that was before I went turbo... Pistons are the weak link to start with along with the clutch...
  3. Dont use the mini ap caliper if you want a decent back brake as they dont provide alot of stopping force . My bike just passes mot each year it's that bad. Likely I dont use the back brake much. Handy info on using the 1000 k1 caliper.
  4. Early water cooled frame , later ones had additional plating inside and a mount under the top frame rail.
  5. Bov need to see vacuum to work so off carb tops . Fuel pressure reg either plenum or carb tops . Gauge depends on what you have if it has vac then carb tops. I make a small manifold that links all 4 carb tops then took items off this to give a smoother reading.
  6. So with carbs your never going to get it perfect all the way through the rev range but should get it near enough. The main jet 3/4 to full throttle Needle/slide 1/4 to 3/4 And pilot jet and screw , idle to 1/4 Just a rough guide but there is a slight overlap . So if you reduce your mains by a measurable amount it will then have a slight affect say over half throttle . As the previous replies the top end is rich you want to reduce the mains and then work from there . From memory my bandit with pod filters and a full Akrapovic system was 150 mains .
  7. colinworth79


    I would also have check of the connectors in the loom and the main ground connection on the engine just to rule out . From what you describe I would say its carb problems tho.
  8. Used a vac manifold on my bandit for 5 years , it's on carbs tho .Taking the pipes off where you would fit a carb balancer . 1 pipe to each port . No t peices .On my 7/11 turbo with gsxr 600 k1 tb's I have drilled and tapped the underside of each inlet port and fitted a small an-3 fitting .
  9. Should be direct swap . 750 arm is 2 inches shorter . M / N have a wider mount where the linkages bolt on and you ideally use the matching rocker .
  10. You want 20mm for an oilcooled motor . Sounds like you have gen 2 pistons which wont work .
  11. Shouldn't be too hard because I fitted bandit 12 wheels in my 1100wp years ago . Think it was just messing with a couple of spacers . Yes you are correct the caliper is located on a lug inside the arm.
  12. Bandit 1200 rim is the same as the gsxr 1100 wheel except the wheel bearing on the disc side sits further out.
  13. I've had a cylinder head sat in the loft for a while I purchased second hand that has been ported and skimmed . The inlet side has some titanium retainers fitted with different collets so the valve stem just sticks above the retainer . Is this going to be ok ? Valve springs look after market . Anyone seen something like this before ? No markings on the head .
  14. For handling I would stick a 750 L or M ( depends which rocker you have ) swingarm in . The forks are going to be soft as oil cooled bikes are a lot heavier . I hope the clip ons are not above the the top yoke as those forks are shorter than the 1100 ones.
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