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  1. cos i'm a twat I dropped it on the floor, indicator broke, so i'm making new ones , drew up the blanks and had friend with CNC lathe turn the blanks
  2. CBT will take more time, he's not quite up to speed for the road, I'd much prefer he recognises this and is willing to learn than gets himself hurt wee bike runs grand, i rode it around the industrial estate for 20 min, much better than I expected, fuel prices keep going up , i'll be having it
  3. timings been checked, tick over set , tyre pressures, nut and bolt check and we all had a wee shot at revisiting our yoof....... back brake is a bit keen, great for skids mot done CBT on Wed i better find him some mirrors ... some in the shed
  4. turns out it has no air filter, or air filer cage thing ..... i could bu one from Suzuki for a bag of gold .... or I could get a sheet of air filter and some chicken wire out the garden for free..... hmmmmmm ..... what to do it kind helps that i'm all out of bags of gold this week
  5. in my defence, i was left unsupervised all weekend ...... doesn't half stink
  6. little to do list left, nearly there i'm way too used to modern suspension and brakes..... not ridden an 80's learner bike since the 80's , reckon this'll be interesting, i'll be encouraging him to get his test done sharpish, move onto something bigger
  7. tank is starting to look a bit more usable, might give it another flatten in the morning. I don't want to use the plastic fuel cap cover, going to make a carbon surround , tail piece is painted too , and the side panels are ready for carbon skinning
  8. petrol tap had a nice coating of molasses too, so that's been stripped and cleaned, much boiled water the tank was filled with a proper diluted solution of molasses, left for two days, the drained , cleaned and rinsed with duck oil, looks good inside now . Then a nice coat of blek on the underside side panels are all sorts of horrid, but I have a plan
  9. he's 18, insurance quote was £700 / £750 , compare that to what it'd cost him for car insurance it's not so bad, it has one or two mods, nothing major, nicer bars , diff headlight , n'ohlins shocks , not going mental with it, if he gets into bikes properly then we'll build something tank is remarkably nice for a 34yr old learner bike , no dents at all forks are like pogo sticks , i will need to look at them
  10. today's plan had been to start cleaning the outside of the tank up, I had told my mate about the molasses and water to de-rust the inside, unfortunately, something was lost in translation, he just poured neat molasses into the tank and left it for fuck knows how long, so the inside is basically coated in treacle ..... it's had several rounds of hot soapy water, and is at present lined with duck oil, we'll get there on the up side, it is small enough to fit into the media blaster at work
  11. when did my boy get old enough for this ....... sake man little bit of old skool to get him started
  12. yantosh

    Gia 1216

    every time I passed it was getting plenty attention
  13. great to meet everyone, apologies for not knowing who anyone was.... drawback of being a hermit
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