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  1. I've an M lock on mine, put an extra switch in line too, use that to kill it , means I can isolate it and its not constantly searching for a signal , little glass fob sewn into my glove, spare in my wallet
  2. ram air foam filters on the stock airbox rubbers, used it loads
  3. compressor, compressors are on the floor, tanks on the wall , various filters to give dry air, super dry air or nitrogen. Mate is a director at a compressor company
  4. need clear over the stickers then flattened and polished , pretty sure it,ll never be dead flat, but its for riding, not an ornament
  5. all the carbon having clear coat, tank panels to be wrapped , engine covers all flat bronze, wheels be bright yeller put all the bits n bobs back on the covers tonight
  6. a good powder coater is worth their money
  7. got to love a bargain
  8. engine still in a million bits, but i have lock stops now
  9. didn,t Kev go fast with no fairing?
  10. the exposed top bearing was a bit scruffy sorted now
  11. and because i,m worth it (courtesy of a friend I built a bike for)
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