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  1. Maybe also check your "float" has not become a "sunk".
  2. Sitting on the side stand, number 1 cylinder floods.
  3. Very true but what I'm trying to establish is, are we actually getting any fuel in there to ignite ? Even with a blocked pilot circuit you would normally get something out of #1 as the other 3 cylinders drag the revs up.
  4. Given that you've checked that you're getting a spark, the valves are adjusted correctly and you have compression, I would suggest that you are not getting fuel into the cylinder to ignite. Is the plug wet when you take it out ? Are you actually getting any fuel into #1 float bowl ?
  5. I just use a regular cleaning fluid off fleabay. I think it is mainly the hot bath and getting all the muck out that frees things up.
  6. I've found that chucking things in an ultrasonic tank often frees up seized up items.
  7. Hmmm, If you suspect somebody has been dicking around with the carbs, have you checked they've not drilled out any air passages in the slide ? Are all your diaphragms in good condition and seated properly ? When you're running it without the tank, have you blanked off the vacuum feed for the tap ?
  8. Would the different sizes have anything to do with the different clutch springs, coil/diaphragm ?
  9. Use her make up mirror then.
  10. Check it on a surface plate ( sheet of glass ).
  11. I would suggest that mounting the light directly to the seat unit is the way to go. Fibreglass seats tend have a degree of flex and movement in use so any aperture for a frame mounted light would need to allow for this and probably end up looking overlarge and shite. What did Mr Burns use ? I seem to remember it was off a YZF750.
  12. What mods did you do to the pipe that lost the bhp ?
  13. I'd put the extra inches back in the pipe as well.
  14. bluedog59


    They are fuggin' brilliant and have the bonus of (very slightly) helping the cooling.
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