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  1. This place might be of use https://www.rsbikepaint.com/en-gb/colours.php
  2. I found this place that may be usefull to others https://www.rsbikepaint.com/en-gb/colours.php
  3. You can split & re rivet a std chain, I've done dozens of them. You can buy a splitter for cam chains, google it & you'll find them.
  4. I think this colour is candy gypsy red but can anyone confirm? I picked this NOS tail piece up intending to have it painted black to match the current bike but it's such a lovely colour I might get the bike painted to match it! Just found the part number 45510-45001-00J but I don't know if any of the number denotes a particular colour.
  5. Have you got sparks to 1&2 but not 3&4?
  6. Welcome, not many left as tidy as that.
  7. EFE in a Kat all day long. Keeps it period.
  8. Mike711

    Fuel cap

    I have aftermarket caps for 4 & 5 bolt Suzuki fittings i.e. early & later models & neither are close to your measurments sorry.
  9. Mike711

    Petrol type

    Oh & drain the carbs regardless.
  10. Mike711

    Petrol type

    E10 is the devils work, stick to E5 & if you're parking the bike up over winter either drain it or fill to the brim & put fuel stabiliser in it.
  11. Great idea thanks, I'll start looking.
  12. Has anyone here tried converting 1100E wheels to run tubeless tyres? It's commonplace on spoked wheels especially in the adventure bike world & seems to have been done on a few other makes such as https://wildguzzi.com/forum/index.php?topic=99834.0 Please, no advice on if it's a good idea, I just want to know if anyone has actually done it successfully on a star wheeled Suzuki?
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