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  1. Have you checked No.3 piston TDC is aligned with No.2, I've seen a slightly twisted crank (not on a GS though) cause very odd running probs.
  2. Those are proper effed, look at the great wear ridge:-(
  3. The mounts are the same, I originally had a GS1000 in my 750 but swapped it for an 1100et without any problems.
  4. I have an Accossato 16mm radial cylinder with std 1980 single piston calipers & it works well. I also have a 16mm clutch cylinder connected to the rear opposed piston caliper which also works very well, the std one barely has any effect.
  5. Everyone using GS/GSXs back in the day removed the lot & ran total loss but if you need a starter & genny why not look up some of the classic endurance teams that run GSX1100s like Dynotech https://www.facebook.com/dynotechperformance/posts/2655410677854834/?paipv=0&eav=AfZn9wy2gjxSbE2MeoW0T0HzdMpNQnC85twRUNvOHRdfKC0C-MfaUpi_N8xOxX6SnMw&_rdr
  6. Mike711


    Can't find them but I'm sure someone on here once posted some drawings for the modified brackets, the rear lower goes straight in but the front 2 need modding & the 2 x lowers & 2 x upper rears I think are made from scratch. I had a 1000 in my 750 since swapped to a GSX1100ET.
  7. I went with Nitron in the end, lifted the rear by about an inch with a bit more available via the adjuster. The bike steers a bit quicker but nothing that's going to be unstable.
  8. Sorry I don't know, I'll be talking to Allens soon about mine & will ask them.
  9. https://www.allensperformance.co.uk/carb-kit/alternative-throttle-return-spring-chart/
  10. To revive an old thread, I spoke to Allens Performance who import Mikuni and they said there are 2 return springs on RS carbs and I could remove one or there are also different locating pegs for the springs that will lead to a lighter action. I haven't tried either mod as my carbs are still with Allens having a 30yr service but I will be experimenting when they come back.
  11. I had a 1000 motor in my 750 then swapped it to an 1100ET & can confirm the head & barrels can be removed in situ without touching engine mounts.
  12. If you have enough reserve travel TWM make a 26mm assy or Accossato make one in 24mm.
  13. What measurement do you have from the lever pivot bolt to the cable nipple centre/centre? There are clutch lever assemblies available down to 24mm, they use more lever travel but do give a much lighter feel.
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