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  1. gs7_11

    Fuel petcock

    You have the later tank with 50mm hole spacing, so none of the 44mm taps with levers will fit unfortunately. The 50mm tap has a screwdriver slot with 'prime' and 'on' positions only, no off or reserve.
  2. Its a 1980 GS1000ST, or at least the rolling chassis is. You can tell by the factory rearset footrests. The 80 ST was the only model that had those, and that ties in with the fairing and clocks. The engine is GSX1100 obviously. Fits in the 8v GS1000 frame easily enough.
  3. Yes, its the same. I have 550 clocks on mine, just tacho redline is different.
  4. I had RS36s on my tuned 1000. Worked really well, only a main jet tweak out of the box. That was with 1085 kit, Kent cams, large port gas flowed head. Was good for 115bhp at the back wheel.
  5. Its obvious that you can't change anything on a rolling chassis without affecting 2 conflicting elements, being as they're always a compomise. My point is, go too far from the original design, and you're on your own. Might work, might not. It surprises me what some people will accept as ok.
  6. Your geometry will be all wrong. You see this a lot with older bikes fitted with 17" wheels. You need to use forks/wheel with a combination of length, spring rate, sag, yoke offset and rolling diameter that gers close to the original.
  7. gs7_11

    Inlet rubbers

    All 8 valve GS750's had the same carbs, and fit the same rubbers as the GS1000.
  8. Yes. Far as I'm aware, the VM29s are smaller spaced, like an overbored VM26/28, whereas the VM30s fit the large port head as on the later 34mm CV carb bikes.
  9. Yeah, Loctite. Or maybe try peening the edge of the hole, carefully, with a sharp punch.
  10. Its part of the carb body. Press fit, not push fit i.e. permanent.
  11. Isn't it the choke feed tube? Part of the carb body, not supposed to be loose?
  12. Correct, they should be pointy. Make sure the holes are clear and the tips aren't broken off and blocking them.
  13. Not always. Some 1000s had 28s.
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