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  1. Well, the seller was straight up honest. Both bikes in the ad were his. The ratty black slabby for sale, and the beautiful show slingy. He and his friends built them, along two other 750 slingshots a few years back. According to him, the one I bought was his friend’s daily around San Jose and the South Bay. Rode it until he had issues that caused him to park it in ‘14. Can’t imagine what that would be with a no-gauges-or-turn-signals, straight pipe, hooligan’s perch running around the city. Exactly what I lusted for about ten years ago. It is a runner with a clean title. Wiring
  2. Down with the sickness... Proper, old skool, falcon-punch-to-the-nads streetfighter.
  3. Just realized that the ad states he posted pics of examples built from these bikes. These may not be it at all. The third pic was a show bike. If it is yard trash, I don’t think I will bother. I guess I have something to clarify.
  4. Welp, Texted the fellow and he got back to me. Long story short, I am going to meet him Sunday morning. Unless it’s an elaborate ruse to jump me and hit me over the head with a sock full of quarters to steal me lucky charms, I will bring another wayward waif back to the orphanage. You people are no help. No help at all.
  5. Well, you guys are shite for talking me out of things. I shot off a text. We’l see if he answers. I am always surprised how long people leave up ads after they already sold.
  6. I’ve been deliberating since this ad was a couple hours old, almost two weeks ago. Hoping someone would save me from myself. If it is still up this afternoon I don’t think I can wait any longer, it’ll be a sign from above. Here’s what is advertised.
  7. Sorry, guys, haven’t touched ‘em. I am taking what little spare time I have from work and swapping out the entire drivetrain from my wrecked GTI to it’s doppelgänger. I am without a car of my own, right now, and winter is coming. I can be a puss about riding in the rain too much. Also trying to tell myself the unfinished streetfighter ‘87 GSXR1100 with an SSSA and a radial USD front someone has advertised nearby on Craigslist for $850 is the last thing I need. I have a sickness.
  8. Fellow I was talking to said he never met the girl. But, his buddy, just one day, started offering to sell everything he had to people around him. Seemed happy, apparently. Two weeks later, he’s gone. His family called the guy a few times for a couple years, as no one heard from him again. The guy thought he was a decent enough mechanic to work on planes with him, so I don’t think I bought junk. I thought they’d be worth the squeeze in parts, alone. As I had just paid more than that for a stock B12 head and block.
  9. No, I hadn’t, Thanks! I knew the good stuff would be here. Still haven’t done anything but move them into the shop. Noticed the topmost bolt boss for the alternator is ground off both, one engine has never had numbers on the case, one has a broken mount boss on the bottom. Looking down the intakes, it looks like someone may have blended them some, they seem to match the heads nicely. Both heads look like dot heads, correct? Any benefits to using one on a turbo application? Don’t they up the CR, typically?
  10. Since my life is little more than work and sleep this past six months, I find more time to peruse classifieds and the bay of E for items I can make myself think I need. For the lifelong projects I already have or the builds I may get to in the afterlife. I came across a Craigslist ad for “1986,87,88 GSXR 1100 engines” for 300 bux. The pics showed a pair of engines, two extra barrels and a box of sleeves. The alternator mounts were blocked off and they had extra oil lines. They were over 125 miles away and I figured they would be gone before I could make time to get there. So I didn’t contac
  11. Damn. Inside and out, your bike is art. It is a shame some of that is going to be tucked up and out of sight. Bit that’s another part of the art. I’d tip my hat to you, if I wore one. Exceptional. Cheers, Zweihammer
  12. Clever way to widen your frame for the SSSA. I was wondering on the first post what you were up to. Looking good! Cheers, Zweihammer
  13. So, am I understanding this correctly, B12 barrels and Busa pistons will work in my powerscreen cases? I am looking to pick up the parts and have the machine work done before I tear down my engine. All the 1127 blocks I have come across in the last couple weeks have issues I am not comfortable with. Why are so many missing chunks from the bottom skirt of the sleeves? Cheers, Zweihammer
  14. Congratulations on your new addition! Watching your build with great interest, as you are asking the questions I was about to. Cheers, Zweihammer
  15. Cool, thanks for all the help! I couldn’t think of a reason, from the point of oil flow and didn’t want to be blind sided finding out there was some check valve I was unaware of that required gravity drain, etc. Cheers, Zweihammer
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