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  1. I replaced the inlet piping to these and have not had a drop since
  2. Wolf


    Have you done a wet test ?
  3. Sam im glad you got it sorted Jaydee i find this very intresting my GS was first regesterd in jan 79 has twin disks steped seat and choke at handle bars ... Bike is South African so should fall under genral oversees market I whould love to read more of this file if posible? Please !
  4. Gooday have you found the problem ? I had the szme 300 km on 12 plugs .. Had a look in the manual as i was trieing t find Nipo Denso plugs and found this (image) i changes to the hotter plug and the shit stoped un till i used my kick stand more than normal , at yhe zngle my 1000 leans on the kivk stand she czn floud in +- an hr as the float level is not as it should be.
  5. And a wet compresion test will show if its rings
  6. So does the old school Cowley ...
  7. Welcome to O S S i had a similar feeling till i tightened the main stsnd bolts but that whould vibrate under low reves also I do agree on using Mono grsde oil tho as my bkke does not like part /full sympathetic or even just multi grade oils ...
  8. Keep to stock unless you have upgraded the charging system in SA we get a brand named toplite my last one lasted 4 years ( standing for routhly 2 years there of ) then died i gave it a hell of a 8hr charge boiling it and got another weeks riding off it Got a new one and it lasted a single day ( the older bikes aint fun to puch ) so i got an exchange unit today il see in about 3hr how it lasted thu the nite
  9. 79 gs1000e self xanseling looks similar but has two harnesses one is 4 pin and other i think is 6 pin ...
  10. In the motor trade i have seen okes use a putty knife to apply sealant ...
  11. Found this but not shore if it helps iv got hinges on my GS1000E also from 79
  12. Fit a new O ring to the brass bit and put a srong spring behind it so it can not open remove and block off vacuum from carb Then On is off and Prime is on
  13. On my 78 gs1000e iv got a vacuum tap wit prime , on and reserve The vacuum diaphram kept leaking and flooding the nr3 cil. so iv put a strong spting on the diaphram ? disconnected and blocked the vacuum hose an put an inline filter ( as the intank filter is out ) Now prime is on and on is off ...
  14. Welcome bruv Like everyone is ssying grab her b4 its too late
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