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Hi lads

Never owned a "big" two stroked beside small 80 or 125 cc mopeds 

Coming week i will look at a rg250 with 35000 km on the clocks, engine is not matching nrs with the frame so the 35000 could more or less then it says.

According to the owner its Jap import they did a bad job trying to make it a walter wolf but it could be a real one as the clocks are walter wolf. And the bikechas been reaprayed

bike stood for a while but its a runner

What things do i have to look or listen to engine wise? Are there any other things i have to attend to ? 

Thanks in Advance any advice would be appreciated as i am not familiar with two strokes.


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Motors are good,but age wise check for coolant ,leaks an loss last one I did had porous head, and had refresh top end as one pot was rotten .there very tuneable basically x7 bottom end, they are understressed so good port job high compression helps a lot. Some plastic gears can strip in water pump area, power valve motors sieze up too, same part number as rg500. Make sure it moves when you Rev it. Brake Calipers same as slabbie, and discs are rare and expensive. 

Forks ,shock are shraider type  so you can  charge with nitrogen. Tanks rott in lower corners badly so hope yours is fluid tight.

exhausts are hard to find rspecially silencers, ( race expansion chambers best)lol.

great bikes handle very well, 

you will love it. B|

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Left the RG at his owner pics where great but in the flesh the bike wasn't in the best shape

tyres from 1995 bad brakes bad paint leaking front end seals because of rust on the legs bad rearshock

on the other hand the engine ran sweet and was screaming underneath me during the testride.

made the owner an offer but he didnt took it what he wanted was too much maybe good if you fixed al the wrong stuff and then ride it as is but i want to bring it back into mint state.

with this in mind and what bike would have cost it is just another moneypit so who knows if he doesnt sell he gives me a call

2 stroke rules i know 4 shure now so i will buy one in the future 

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she looks like "a real " walter wolf . the biggest differince between the gamma 250 and the real walter wolf are the powervalves they came only on the walter wolf . if she has powervalves i would say i'ts the real deal . if you should ever consider driving one of those keep in mind that the 2-stroke oil pump could fail every now and then biggest problem was that the filter in the oil tank could get blocked different kinds of oil could react causing a kind of grease on the bottom that blocked the filter 

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Started working on this little bike, it looks untouched it had the usual maintence but it hasnt been abused.

Started with the usual stuff, forkseals, tyres,chain,caliperseals, carb overhaul,brakelines and other engine seals wich looked suspicious.

Parts are very hard to find or not to find so i had to buy imitation for some parts

@Jellywas so kind to ultrasonic clean the carbs for me.

Downside still not running as the supplier of carb parts did not deliver what i asked for.

Luckily i found a bellypan and an imitation seatcowl to complete the bike.


Keep ya updated!

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9 hours ago, Captain Chaos said:

Pics are acceptable, smoke will probably be visible anyway.

But videos are better :D

Yep a bit of smoke, it stood for about 10 years so i will take in for a gentle ride, lets see if the smoke clearing. If not the a crankoverhaul and new pistons is probably the next thing

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On 2/17/2024 at 9:53 AM, BasilBrush said:

We need more two strokes on the road. Nothing beats smell of Castrols finest as you ride down the road.

Modern two-stroke oils make far less smoke and are less smelly than those of the 80s. I have a small 2 stroke bike (early 70s) and it only smokes and smells when started from cold and not much at that.

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Been riding this bike for a while now, its reliable and goes like stink.

Must say its anoying to ride on speeds between 100 and 120 if its windy its constant switching between gear.

Probably the downside of a small two stroke.

Had major problems with the frontbrakes.

I refurbished calipers and mastercilinder new brakelines also.

But spongey spongey no matter what i did. Theres air in the system somewhere.

Decided to take out the antidivesystem and now its much much better.

I am really happy with this bike such a cracking little big fun bike to ride.



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I also had q fubarred rearshock, i bought a new 2020 ninja 400 shock wich needee little work to make it fit. As i use this bike only on the street it works good enough for me 65 euro and a little welding cant beat that.

Took of the eye of the old shock and welder to the ninjashock.






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