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Bikes Eligible for a Show


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2 hours ago, davecara said:

If it's Suzuki Framed, Engine'd or based 

See that's where you 'shoot yourself in the foot'! My old Kawazuki was a brilliant bike that got loads of attention and was a hoot to own - but had a Zed frame and by your definition wasn't OSS enough. I certainly wasn't going to put Suzuki badges on it, that would have been trying to 'hide' its heritage. I didn't build it to fit into a niche box that was OSS compliant, it just so happened that it was more interesting than the basis of its parts. I hope its still around somewhere . . . . . . .


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Well after being welcomed by the masses ,despite disgracing myself at Stafford . All i can add is, stick your bike in the back of a van or ride it , you're assured of a good welcome , new friends and a cracking weekend

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I’ve no interest in restored or stock bikes, they do nothing for me. I do however agree that the variety is what makes a show, and - while it’s not my thing - I’m always keen to chat to the guy with the rattiest bike with the worn grips, they’re normally the ones that do the most miles anyway.




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