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Bandit swingarm in gs


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10 hours ago, rodneya said:

It would seem that a lot of people go by what looks right to them. Form over function.

You should ideally set the swing arm at 12 to 13 degrees angle. The apps that run on a smartphone are pretty accurate and are easy to use to check the angle

Thanks for your reply ,i give that a try 

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10 hours ago, TonyGee said:

ok not a GS but on my GSX i set the ride height to where i was happy with it (frame supported), then laid the shocks with the bracket attached and marked the swingarm.  it also depends on how long your shocks are as well. 

you can get the idea where mine are in the pic.



Thanks for the picture for reference 

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43 minutes ago, Swiss Toni said:

And … a small matter of chain tension. It will be at its tightest (ideally) when g/box mainshaft, swinging arm pin and rear wheel spindle are in line (with a rider aboard). Aim for a line through mainshaft, sw/arm pin  and running around 25mm above the r/wheel spindle with no rider aboard. 

Which is one of the most difficult bits to get right IMHO as you have to try and work out where everything is going to end up before you have much in the way of reference points.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Some experience from me..


Long time ago I owned a Suzuki DR500, off roader. I wanted to raise the rear, the front was already raised with the  USD front forks from a RM250.

I sat on the bike, had a mate measure how much the rear dropped, measured the distance from the bolts of the shocks.

Made up wooden sticks with the dimensions of the shocks when I sit on the bike..

Made brackets to mount the shocks in at the rear forks. Installed the wooden sticks with the bottom brackets bolted on it.

Jacked up the bike that far that the chain still ran freely over the rear forks, and welded the brackets on.

To, a little bit, of my surprise this worked perfectly!!

I was a bit afraid that with the changed angle of the shocks it would make a difference, but I could neglect this..


I hope this can help you out a bit

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